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    You can nit pick any name and find something that reflects negatively on it, so I wouldn't worry. We called our cat Luna, and we do call her Looney, but that's because she IS looney!

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    Let me try to assure you. Luna is one of my nickname and I got ALL compliments on it. I love Luna and Luna Violet is very pretty.
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    "Kids will tease your kid no matter what... It is a part of life we all deal with it and more importantly have all survived."

    Sorry, I just don't agree. Kids are mean, Luna is an easy target, and it is one thing to be teased, another thing to have your NAME teased. How you feel about your name is harder to get over. And this name makes a very easy target. There are LOTS of names that are not one step away from a common slur like Looney. By 7th or 8th grade every naughty boy in your DD's school is going to have Looney on the tip of his tongue.

    I also have an unusual name but that is way different from having an easily targeted name. Furthermore, it's one thing to have Luna as a nickname and quite another to be using it with only Lu as a legit nickname.

    My suggestion is to use this as a middle name if you will be in the USA.

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    Luna is beautiful. It's Russian word for moon so it has romantic, nature vibes for me. I'd never associate it with lunatic, by the way, it's a safe enough name.

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