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    I like Apollo more, but I've never heard of Apollos! Not a Bible girl so it's brand new to me. It does sound like something belonging to Apollo though. If someone said "This is Apollos" I'd be expecting the sentence to continue into "little brother" or something similar. But there's nothing wrong with it, and it sounds like it's important to you.
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    I like the look of it, but wouldn't know how to pronounce it - is it ah-poll-uhs or ah-poll-ohs? (Gosh, sorry, I can't spell out pronunciations very well so they are a bit confused - looking back at them, I don't even know what I'm trying to say, so I'm not sure how everyone else is supposed to, but anyway, sorry)

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    Quote Originally Posted by alzora View Post
    Ahhh, I have loved Apollos for years! As for nicknames, you could call him Po. I'm sure he would have to correct people that he is not Apollo but Apollos...but I don't think it would be unbearable, and one quick correction would set people straight. I really don't find it too weird to use as a name. This upcoming generation is going to have lots of creative names, and I think Apollos would be acceptable, especially since it is a name found in the Bible and so will be recognized by many. As an aside--irrelevant to names--my husband suspects that Apollos wrote the book of Hebrews. Obviously no one knows for sure and it really doesn't matter, but my husband pretty strongly suspects that it was Apollos. Another odd Biblical A name you might like is Asaph, mentioned in the Psalms.

    As for Apollos sounding like "appall us"...meh, not really. Only if you stop and really think about it. But I don't think many people will even notice that, and if they do, I don't see the weird rhyme as being a big deal at all. I say the last syllable in Apollos with a long O and it really doesn't even sound like "appall us."
    Och, that's absolutely fascinating! I've already read the book of Hebrews, and am somewhat familiar with the controversy of who wrote it. I think the official stance of my denomination (or at least, what I've always heard growing up, anyway!) was that they just assumed Paul wrote it, despite the controversy and that it doesn't really seem like his style. Can I ask, why does your husband think Apollos wrote it? This really has me intrigued, haha!

    @ottilie - that's what I was assuming, as well? I mean, in the early church, Christians came from all over, were from all sorts of nationalities, and it wouldn't surprise me that babies that were named after Greek gods grew up and heard the Christian message and it won over their hearts completely. I wondered how related it was to the Greek god Apollo, but I wasn't sure. I haven't looked it up, but if I added it to my list, I probably would. Besides, I sort of like the tie to space exploration. I'm not sure how important it is to me yet--it's not like there's really stories about him like there are these amazing stories about Peter and Silas and Timothy and Philemon and Paul... he just keeps popping up, and his character is really intriguing me at the moment! Almost like any other character might intrigue me in any other book I might read. I'm just trying to decide how I feel about it. Decidedly, Apollos is very different from my usual taste!

    @ciottolo - I'm not sure? I've been saying it as a mix between ah-PAHLL-ohs and ah-PAHLL-uhs, although I'm leaning toward the former, since the latter sounds very much like "appall us" that has been mentioned earlier!

    I think, if I used it, it wouldn't be a FN--a little too out-there for me--but we'll see, maybe as a middle name.

    Thanks, ladies!
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    I think Apollos is quite cool. I like the way that it an unusual Biblical name without being too weird, like Jehoshaphat or something. I would pronounce it ah-PAUL-uhs.
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    On the question of pronunciation, I have always heard it pronounced uh-PAUL-ohs, with the last syllable having a long O sound, and the S having a C sound rather than a Z sound.

    @Ash, let me get back to you with my husband's reasoning for why he believes that Apollos wrote the book of Hebrews.

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