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    How usable is Apollos?

    I've committed, this summer, to a programme of reading the entire New Testament in 24 weeks, and as I've been reading, I've come across a man named Apollos. He never seems to receive the focus that someone like Paul or Peter has received, but he is very instrumental in the development of the early Christian church, and whenever the furthering of the gospel is discussed, he is mentioned. His character intrigues me, and I'm finding that Apollos is really growing on me as a name! I feel like it doesn't go at all with any of my other favorites (and I don't really see a cool nn that would make it more approachable), so I'm sure it'll be nothing but a GP for me, but I'm just curious--how would you feel about meeting an Apollos? Too reminiscent of the Greek god--or would he be forever correcting people, "No, not Apollo... Apollos. A-P-O-L-L-O-S... no, not like the Greek god. He was an apostle who started the early Christian... aurgh... forget it"?
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    It is very reminiscent of the Greek God and I thought that was actually what you were referring to, when I read the title.

    In that respect, I think the similarities make it more usable as a name... It may be more familiar to the public as a name with the association.

    The meaning may have to be explained, which I think is a separate issue.
    But aesthetically I like it

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    It sounds like "appall us". Apollo, however, is fabulous, and very stylish.
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    Ahhh, I have loved Apollos for years! As for nicknames, you could call him Po. I'm sure he would have to correct people that he is not Apollo but Apollos...but I don't think it would be unbearable, and one quick correction would set people straight. I really don't find it too weird to use as a name. This upcoming generation is going to have lots of creative names, and I think Apollos would be acceptable, especially since it is a name found in the Bible and so will be recognized by many. As an aside--irrelevant to names--my husband suspects that Apollos wrote the book of Hebrews. Obviously no one knows for sure and it really doesn't matter, but my husband pretty strongly suspects that it was Apollos. Another odd Biblical A name you might like is Asaph, mentioned in the Psalms.

    As for Apollos sounding like "appall us"...meh, not really. Only if you stop and really think about it. But I don't think many people will even notice that, and if they do, I don't see the weird rhyme as being a big deal at all. I say the last syllable in Apollos with a long O and it really doesn't even sound like "appall us."

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    I like both Apollos and Apollo and think they are both very stylish and usable.

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