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    Traditionally, Molly is a pet form of Mary. Doesn't get more classic than that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephanieamilea View Post
    Hi Berries!

    This is my first time posting on the forum - ever! - so I'm really looking forward to putting our name-crazy minds together. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me!

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby, a girl (!!!!!!), and we are just starting to put together a prospective name list. I love classic names like Eleanor (our absolute favourite right now but we're discouraged by how popular it and "Ellie" are ) and Harriet, and those a little "cooler" like Finlay and Harper. I think we will end up choosing a classic name that has a cute nick name. For example, Rory for Lorelei, Rosie for Rosalie etc.

    I love the nickname Mollie but cannot think of anything besides Margaret and Mary as first names that would warrant Mollie. I like Margaret but my husband doesn't. We would love to hear classic names that have nicknames like Poppy or Ruby too - and maybe a nickname for Harriette that is not Hattie or Etta!

    To give you a guideline, our last name is monosyllabic and starts with S. Thanks so much!
    I was just trying to think up a long name for Mollie myself! Glad you posted this! I LOVE the suggestion of Amalia - never heard that before but it's very pretty. Too bad it's probably too matchy with my DD's name, but I might add it to my list anyway.

    Others that I'm considering, that you might also like, are:
    Hadley nn Haddie
    Elaine nn Lainey
    Holly Louise * Anne Louise nn Annie * Margo/Margot Louise * Alyssa Louise

    Expecting DD#2 May 2015! Name must honor Dana Louise (MIL). Honoring Holly or Mary would be a bonus!

    Names I like that DH nixed: Susannah, Lydia, Elise, Rebecca, Victoria, Linnea, Genevieve, Alice, Emma, Isobel, Marielle, Louisa, Cora, Marie, Elizabeth, Caroline, Hannah, Helena, Maeve, Lauren, Mariam, Evelyn, Laura, Margaret, Grace, Molly, Clara

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    Our daughter is Penelope, nicknamed Poppy!

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