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    Elegant name with cute nickname (Mollie)

    Hi Berries!

    This is my first time posting on the forum - ever! - so I'm really looking forward to putting our name-crazy minds together. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me!

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby, a girl (!!!!!!), and we are just starting to put together a prospective name list. I love classic names like Eleanor (our absolute favourite right now but we're discouraged by how popular it and "Ellie" are ) and Harriet, and those a little "cooler" like Finlay and Harper. I think we will end up choosing a classic name that has a cute nick name. For example, Rory for Lorelei, Rosie for Rosalie etc.

    I love the nickname Mollie but cannot think of anything besides Margaret and Mary as first names that would warrant Mollie. I like Margaret but my husband doesn't. We would love to hear classic names that have nicknames like Poppy or Ruby too - and maybe a nickname for Harriette that is not Hattie or Etta!

    To give you a guideline, our last name is monosyllabic and starts with S. Thanks so much!

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    Have you considered Amalia? It's pronounced ah-MOLL-ee-ah, and the nn Mollie makes perfect sense for it, in my mind! I think Amalia S[wan] (for example!) sounds very sweet and dignified. While I don't adore Amelia, personally, I think Amalia's gorgeous, and Mollie's adorable for it. That's really the only thing I can think of, besides the perennial Mary/Margaret (or even Mary-Margaret!).

    NNs for Harriet: Ari, Harry, Hetty?

    I'm not sure about a full name for Ruby, but I think Penelope or Josephine would be an adorable full name for the spunky, adorable Poppy!

    Hmm, classic, with cute/spunky nicknames. What about:

    Josephine "Posy"
    Louisa "Lulu"
    Catherine/Katherine "Kit"
    Eleanor "Nell/Norrie/Lena"
    Penelope "Piper/Pippa/Poppy/Nell/Lola"
    Charlotte "Lola" (absolutely love Lottie for this, as well!)
    Caroline "Caro/Cara/Callie"
    Georgia(na) "Gigi/Georgie/Annie"
    Anneliese "Annie/Lise/Elise/Nell"
    Eva/Evangeline "Evie"
    Theodora "Teddy/Dora/Thea"
    Violetta "Via/Etta/Lettie"
    Beatriu (rare Catalan form of Beatrice, I believe, pronounced bee-ah-troo! I love it. Maybe not quite classic enough, but inspired by a classic. Or potentially, Beatrix? It has the spunky Bea or Trixie...)
    Helena "Leni/Nell/Lena/Ella"
    Imogen "Immy"
    Genevieve "Evie/Ginny/Niamh"
    Emmeline/Emilia "Emma/Emmy"
    Gwendolyn "Winnie/Gwen" (or Gwyneth, or Guinevere...)
    Verity "Vera/Very"
    Felicity "Izzy/Litty/Fliss/Flick/Lissy/etc."

    Good luck!
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    Wow Ashley! Thank you SO much! Hubby is asleep right now but I will be sure to share Amalia with him tomorrow - cherry on top is that it plays off my middle name, Amilea! I also LOVE Poppy for Penelope, so cute! Your list comprised so many names I adore - can't wait to share them tomorrow morning and get his opinion. Thanks again!

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    I love Mollie, but can't think of anything besides Margaret for it. I do think the suggestion of Amalia is pretty. Other suggestions:

    Elena (nn Lane, Laney, Ella, or Elle)
    Katerina (nn Rina, Kat, Kitty, or Kate)
    Miranda (nn Mira, Randi, or Randa)
    Victoria (nn Tora, Vika, Ria, or the more common Tori and Vicky)
    Alexandria (nn Ria, Lex, Lexi, Alex, or Andria)
    Emmeline (nn Emme, Emmy, or Emma)
    Anneliese (nn Anne, Annie, or the dated Lisa)
    Aislinn, pronounced Ash-lyn (nn Ash)

    Of course, there's always Elizabeth and the myriad of nicknames that go with that -- Lily, Betsy, Betty, Liza, Eliza, Lizzie, Beth, Libby, etc.

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