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    Impressions of Julian Leo?

    Julian Leo is our current top pick if we have a third son. Brothers would be Quinn Alexander and Griffin Maxwell. My boys want to call him "Jules" if we use this name, which I really like. Impressions of Julian Leo nn Jules? I haven't met any boys named Julian (or any men that I can think of)..

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    Julian is striking to me, and he sounds especially nice alongside his brothers. I've never met one either, but I'd imagine a Julian to be a handsome, quiet sort of lad.

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    I really love Julian, and Julian Leo is fab! I think Quinn, Griffin, and Julian are fab together. Plus, how awesome is Jules?! I think Nameberry is the only place that will support my love of Agnes for a girl and Jules for a boy. I would love to meet a little boy with the nn Jules. It reminds me of the author Jules Verne, and though I've not read any of his books, I want to! I always get the image of a swashbuckling, dapper hero-in-disguise on a pirate ship. Think Prince Caspian meets Captain Jack Sparrow, haha. And maybe a bit of Westley from The Princess Bride, as well!

    Good luck!
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    I really like Julian since its sounds so romantic and I am sucker for Leo, I always have been so Julian Leo sounds great! Quinn, Griffin and Julian sound wonderful I love how all the names end in N and have that ending sound. Good luck!
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    I really love Julian, one of our neighbors kids name is Julian and he is very cute I think Jules is a great nn for Julian, actually the only nn for Julian I can think of.

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