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Thread: Day Care

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    Day Care

    What has everyone's experiences with their children attending day care been like?

    My 10 week old daughter has the option of going to day care 6 hrs a week at the childcare center at my college.

    The day care is well accredited, well staffed, etc. However, I'm a little hesitant to put my daughter, who is not on a schedule right now, in a structured day care. What if she's hungry at a time other than designated feeding time?? What if she's tired at a time other than nap time? Right now we're on a completely baby-led schedule, and I'm not sure if a day care routine would be good for her.

    My other option is my mother would watch her - I know she'd keep my daughter safe and tend to her needs, but I have concerns about leaving her too. Things like mom's using the phone while driving, she yells at the dogs while holding the baby, etc. So I'm not sure which is the best decision right now.
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    I haven't had Persephone in a daycare, but I've worked in one for 4 years. Just to answer your concerns, we never forced any of our babies to follow a rigid schedule unless the parents told us to. We fed the babies when they wanted it, laid them down to sleep when they were tired. They played and listened to music and everything as they wanted. The only thing that was really scheduled in our infant room was outside time for the older babies that could walk and snack/lunch times for the older ones on solid foods and nap time for the older one (16 months up). The ones who were old enough for lunch or were younger than 16 months at nap time went into a separate room to play and even if it was halfway through nap time, if one of the little babies wanted to sleep, we went in there and laid them down.

    I would tell you that the people in the daycare are trained and experienced and you shouldn't worry too much about them forcing your baby to do not eat if it's not eating time or stay awake if it's not nap time. They won't starve your baby in anyway. It's a huge step and it's understandable to be nervous, but the first step to getting past it is to go to the day care, ask all these questions to them, get to know the women and watch how they do things.

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    Nelly haven't been to daycare yet but I have read a lot about daycare and think @dantea told the most general things perfectly. They don't make children do the things by schedule so only feeds when kids are hungry and naps if they are sleepy. You can tell the nannies and workers if you baby needs something special, extra nap or something so they will pay attention.
    I think the most important thing in daycare is that children learn how to play with others, listen to adults and got used to the fact they have to be without parents for a little sometimes. Kids who have went through daycare and kindergarten adapt to school life better because they are already familiar with how to act, what to do and whom to ask, they know how to deal with other children and teachers.
    One of my relative's daughter is going to attend daycare this fall, she is already 1,5 + but I hope I will get to know daycare things better then.

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    You should probably go to the daycare and see what it's like. I'm sure they won't make babies stay up if they're tired or make them go hungry just because it's not time for all the other babies to eat.
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    I worked in daycare for years and my kids have been in daycare on and off. There are good centers and notsogood centers. But usually those tied in with a college would be on the good side of the spectrum. They will have a deliberate philosophy and I would be shocked if that included not feeding hungry babies. It is really hard to leave your baby with someone else. If you can work it out to start a few hours a day instead of jumping in to full days that helps. Also, watch the children more than the teacher. An adult can put on a show for you and be on best behavior for a parent tour, but a toddler can't. If the toddlers seem shocked at the sweet talk and hugs, you can assume that's atypical. That's not to say babies don't cry. There will be crying babies in the room and that is no reflection on the teacher. You want to see a quiet, darkened area for sleeping, a distinct area for feeding and then bright, colorful, soft area for awake time. Pay attention to the teachers that aren't in the baby room as well, are they talking to the children or sneaking a peek at their phone. You can figure out what's tolerated by the administration.

    Many people work in daycare because they love children - especially in the baby room. But for some, it's just a job. You'll know. Child care is a thankless, underpaid profession, but so important! Last thing, don't expect any of the teachers to be "better" than you are. I always have to remind my husband when Birdie comes home with a scraped knee that she falls down sometimes at home too - they can't prevent every boo boo

    There are a lot of advantages to having your baby in a group setting rather than home with one person, but there are cons as well. If Lillian is healthy, curious and happy to take a trip to the grocery store, she will probably enjoy being around other kids. If she's already had a cold or ear infection, wisely wary of new things and snug as a bug at home, then she might rather be with your mom. Either way it sounds like you have two great options and are just going to have the typical working mom pain of leaving your baby in someone elses care. Hang in there!
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