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    Middle name for Jasper!? Stuck and getting close!

    Looking for a three syllable middle for Jasper Clark. My husband likes nature names and we are of Scottish and Irish descent so those origins could work too. Thanks!!!

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    I just want to say how happy I am to hear you're using Jasper! I love this name but have never heard it actually used. Think it is super cute!!
    I don't really have any suggestions though..
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    Well, somebody pitched Finnegan in another thread and I think that makes a terrific middle name for Jasper. Jasper Finnegan Clark. Yum.

    Some others:

    Jasper Callahan
    Jasper Corrigan
    Jasper Peregrine
    Jasper Rafferty
    Jasper Sullivan

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    Jasper Finnegan is great
    Jasper Nathaniel
    Jasper Emrys (technically 2 syllables, but the way I say it it's more like 2.5)
    Jasper Amias
    Jasper Elliot
    Jasper Donovan
    Jasper Malachy
    Jasper Killian

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    Jasper Everett Clark is very handsome - also loving Jasper Rafferty Clark, as suggested previously! I will come back if I think of any more, but good luck!

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