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  • Mayuri Skye Ellen Virma

    6 15.79%
  • Mayuri Eleanor Jo Virma

    17 44.74%
  • Mayuri Skye Joellen Virma

    7 18.42%
  • Mayuri Isabelle Jo Virma

    8 21.05%
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    POLL: Middle Name Help

    I want to honor my mother, whose name is Jo Ellen. I also want the first middle name to be something not too out there or trendy and known in the USA since Mayuri is Sanskrit. I definitely want to keep Jo or Ellen as the second middle name. Suggestions for other firtst middle names are welcome.

    Mayuri is pronounced my-oo-ree with accent on middle syllable.
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    Mayuri Grace Ellen
    Mayuri Faith Jo
    Mayuri Hope Ellen
    Mayuri Miriam Jo
    Mayuri Sarah Jo
    Mayuri Rose Ellen
    Mayuri Clara Jo
    Mayuri Ava Jo
    Mayuri Tess Jo
    Mayuri Cadence Jo
    Mayuri Hannah Jo
    Mayuri Nora Ellen

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    Mayuri Skye Elenor would be gorgeous...Ellen is in the name, so it could honor her.
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    Mayuri Eleanor Jo is lovely.
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    need to purge a middle, they arent flowing.

    Skye one is misspelled and two is too much with the unknown Mayuri

    Mayuri Eleanor Virma
    Mayuri Joellen Virma
    Mayuri Isabelle Virma
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