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Thread: Is it just me?

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    I have to admit, I thoroughly agree with Ottilie. Unfortunately my SO doesn't share my love of literature, but we do have a living room covered in books - anything from classics to modern literature and I have found so much comfort, courage and inspiration from many books and their characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelslovesjesus View Post
    You might LOVE this NOT REAL person now but five years from now you might not be into it or hate it. People grow out of fandoms and start hating things they previously loved.
    When you name your child after a character in a book, movie, whatever, the name then takes on a different meaning. Yes, you may have loved the character at the time, and even if you don't anymore, you still love your child.

    Everyone has to get name inspiration somewhere. It doesn't seem right to judge someone's choices like that. My daughter is named Maeby after hearing it on Arrested Development. I loved the show, still love the show, and I absolutely still love her name. It is unique, but still familiar to the ears. Most people don't even know where it came from, and everyone who knows Maeby loves her and has grown to love her "ridiculous, NOT REAL, awful" name.
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    Giving a child a name with meaning and story behind it is a great gift. It certainly is better than telling a child you chose their name because you "liked it" or it was popular at the time. People who name their children after fictional characters generally put a lot of thought into the names and choose them because of admirable traits they hope the child may aspire to.

    For example, I might have named a son Atticus after Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. If I had, I would certainly tell him that I loved the character in the novel. At the right age, I would watch the movie with him and encourage him to read the novel. I would talk to him about the character traits I admire in Atticus Finch - his courage to stand up for his beliefs what a loving and caring father he is, etc.

    While I was not a fan of Severus Snape, I could image naming a son Albus (after Dumbledore) or a daughter Minerva (after McGongal) from the Harry Potter series. Again, I would share the stories with the child and explain why the traits of those characters would serve them well.
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    I like literary names and do have some names that I love because of characters in a book. I would say that if you wanted to name your little boy Oliver after Oliver Twist or your little girl Alice after Alice in Wonderland thats fine. I think some people do take it too far, though. I think naming your child something like Katniss is a bad idea 1.) because it gives them a life long connection to something they might not like or care to talk about after every introduction and 2.) because I think it could put a lot of pressure on them to look/be exactly like this character their parent(s) adored. If little Katniss wasn't tough, beautiful and brave like the character I can imagine that a parent might be disappointed that they're little Katniss wasn't as awesome as the pretend one and that a child might feel bad for not living up to his/her name.
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    I somewhat agree; I love the name Caspian, but I was never into Narnia. Truth be told, I didn't even like the one with Prince Caspian in it. The problem is that I'm right around that age group that seems to adore Narnia, and so when people meet little Caspian five or six years from now they're going to think "Oh, your mother must have been Narnia obsessed". On the other hand, I would greatly enjoy hearing that someone named their kid Percival or Marguerite after reading The Scarlet Pimpernel; so maybe I'm just biased : )
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