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Thread: Is it just me?

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    Unhappy Is it just me?

    Am I the only one who gets bothered by people naming their kids after fictional characters? I don't mean like hearing a name on a movie or a book and then starting to like it. I mean actually deciding that you want ypur child to be named Severus because you love Severus Snape. I personally just think it's ridiculous. You might LOVE this NOT REAL person now but five years from now you might not be into it or hate it. People grow out of fandoms and start hating things they previously loved. I just personally feel like I would hate knowing I was named after some person from a bpok/movie/whatever. Even if that fictional person had pretty goodcharacter written for them. I just think it's awful. Especially when it's something so uncommon and everyone would know that kid is named aftwr the character. I think that wpuld be jist asbad as some made up pr weirdly spelt name.

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    I actually would love to name my child after a character I love (but you've got to love the name itself too) - I feel that it would have a lot more meaning and staying-power than a name you chose just because. For example, I'm a huge fan of Caspian and Aravis (Narnia) and Wendy (Peter Pan). That's just me though! I also LOVE the name Hermione. I might put it into the mn spot though.

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    Depends on the character, the popularity, the name. Severus would be rough, but Hermione, Harry, Wendy, and others aren't such a big deal. I think if the character has qualities you'd wish to instill in your child's personality (courage, wisdom, bravery, a sense of adventure or high morality), it can be a positive thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    I think if the character has qualities you'd wish to instill in your child's personality (courage, wisdom, bravery, a sense of adventure or high morality), it can be a positive thing.
    Agreed. Yewneek spellings are more irritating by orders of magnitude imo.

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    I adore literary names!

    I don't think many people who name their kids after characters do so lightly. I've read TKaM about 8 times, for example, so my love of the characters isn't likely to change upon further reading. I have no evidence to back it up, but I'm guessing people who name their kid Holden or Huckleberry or Hermione (its weird that the three names that first came to mind were all H-names. Unintentional) didn't just decide on a whim assurer reading the book once; I assume several readings and a lot of thought about the books/characters went into it. And so I'm guessing with that much thought, if they were going to hate the character it'd happen long before they used it as a name.

    It really only takes a couple read-throughs for me to kind of cement my opinion of a character, so i assume its the same for others.

    And also there are sometimes characters toy don't necessarily like, but you like the name itself and the book the character is in. Like, i used to love Edmund Bertram, but upon my last read of Mansfield Park i started hating him. But i still like the name Edmund. So even if I'd used it before my second read-through it wouldn't really have ruined it for me.

    From your emphasis on "not real" characters, I'm assuming that's a big part of what bothers you? I say meh. Fictional characters have meant just as much to me as real ones. I'm one of those extreme book nerds who say things like "books have kept me alive," and actually mean it. Books are my escape, and I've learned drum then and loved them just as much as assume of the real people in my life.
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