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Thread: Koenraad?

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Aww, thank you for sharing! I'm very excited that you'll be going for Koenra(a)d, and that was great of the Koenrad to share his experience with you. I was a bit worried about Koenraad in America, but you obviously loved it, and I wanted you to be able to use it, so I'm so glad you're going for it! Congratulations on your little boy, and all the best!
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    Thank you for the feedback!
    When he puts it like that it makes perfect sense and quite honestly, all the girls I knew with uniquely spelt names seemed to love their names.

    Honestly, if you are going the Koenraad route I would go all the way with the double 'a's. Why stop halfway?
    Now you get the best of both worlds Koen and Koenraad.

    I love the story with the tailor and the boy who wouldn't stop sucking his thumb. My mom went through so much to try to get me to stop sucking it!

    Best of luck

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    I'm a bit late, but I'm glad you're going with Koenraad. If your son finds it too much trouble, he can always choose to simplify when he's older. I live in a very multicultural area, and am used to all kinds of foreign names so Koenraad doesn't look that difficult.

    For those interested, the story of Konrad and the Tailor is from an old German children's book called Der Struwwelpeter, written to teach children good habits. You can find a link about Konrad's story in translation here. I'm glad pedagogical methods have changed since those days.... :-)
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    I am half Spanish & have a VERY traditional Spanish name. Let's say it's something like Maite de Unamuno. People rarely know how to pronounce or spell any of it. They also get confused because "de Unamuno" is a 2 word last name. And you know, what? I don't care! I love my name & I'm proud of my heritage. It takes 2 seconds to explain it to people & then they never forgot my name. It really doesn't bother me! I'm glad my parents committed to something that has meaningful & historical roots rather than trying to change it to make other people more comfortable. Good luck!

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