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Thread: Koenraad?

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    NO! I pronounce Koen like Cohen. I don't think anyone will know that it's Conrad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by koliver View Post
    Also, Koenraad isn't going to be fun for him to learn to spell as a little kid -- esp. if his primary and/or first language is English and not Dutch.
    I never understood this argument. Kids learn to spell/write their name well before they know letter sounds and phonics. You could spell it K0nnrrr4dd and he'd still learn to spell it. He might be confused why you chose to spell it that way when he's older, but in this case Koenraad has significance behind it.
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    I would not have guessed that Koenraad was Conrad, and I am a little perplexed by Koen in Koenraad being one syllable while Koen the nickname is two syllables.

    I love Conrad Alexander, and if Koenraad means the world to you then go for it. I'm not sure I could do it, unless it were a family name and not just a nod to family heritage.

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    Wow, thanks for your quick replies, and all the honest opinions.

    Indeed, Koenraad is pronounced (in Dutch) something like Koon-radt, but I prefer the anglicized pronunciation. In fact, Koen is pronounce "Koon", but I'm sure nobody will call him that outside of Holland

    Problem with going for the "Conrad" version, is that then the nn would have to be Coen, with "C" instead of "K" and I worry about it being too close to Cohen. Unfortunately, there is another Alexander on my side of the family and we prefer it as a middle name.

    I'd wait for a few more opinions/suggestions it but sounds like I may be pushing it with Koenraad.

    Man, picking names for kids is hard! - Too bad I'm not a celebrity, I would've been able to name my kid the first weird name that came to mind! - Ha!

    thanks again for all the ideas. I really appreciate it!

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    Hmm, I'm torn. From looking at the title i assumed it was pronounced Conrad. But i also assumed it was a yewnique, kree8ive sperling rather than a legitimate name and I'll admit i pre-judged it based on that.

    Having said that, if it has familial or cultural significance, i wouldn't hesitate to use it.
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