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Thread: Koenraad?

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    So, my husband and I are expecting our first baby. A boy due in December. My husband heritage is Dutch (his dad was born there) and we wanted a dutch name to go with the dutch last name.

    He likes the nickname "Koen" (pronounced the american way). As you know, Koen is the diminutive of "Koenraad".

    I actually like Koenraad, but I wonder if it is hard to figure out that it will be pronounced "Conrad". And/or if i'm being cruel by subjecting my poor son to having to spend his life correcting people on the spelling of his name, (because when he'll pronounce it, everybody will assume it is spelled Conrad).

    By the way, I was born in South America, and I have to constantly spell my name to other people. But it's no biggie, because my name is not too complicated and it doesn't get easily confused with other names. As a native speaker of a foreign language, though, I'm unsure about how easily the Koenraad/Koen pronunciations come to the regular american folk!

    By the way, we settled on "Alexander" as the middle name.
    Could you guys share your thoughts on this? - Am I being silly?

    Thanks a bunch for your kind insights!
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    Well, I think if your SOs heritage is important to him, then it is important to find ways to honor that in the kid. But what if you switched them? Alexander Koenraad? Tons of folks go by their middle names, so you could still call him Koen without him having to deal with it constantly being misspelt and mispronounced... Also, Koenraad isn't going to be fun for him to learn to spell as a little kid -- esp. if his primary and/or first language is English and not Dutch.

    But that's just my two cents! And you two should do what feels right, regardless if it is easy to spell/pronounce!

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    I love the name Koenraad Alexander! I've never heard of it, but it's a wonderful name. My only problem is pronunciation . Most people in the USA will pronounce Koenraad COHEN-rad. This kills the name. I also very much like Conrad Alexander. Same sound, different spelling. Would you consider that? Congratulations on your pregnancy and best wishes choosing a name. : )
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    I think Koenraad is fine. I don't think people will have that much trouble pronouncing it when they see it written down. Even if they do mispronounce it, it'll be close and you can correct them and they'll remember next time. They will misspell it, but lots of people have to spell their names for others. I don't think it's a big deal. Plus, if he goes by Koen most of the time, saying "Coen with a K" is simple.
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    Koenraad Alexander is fab! I adore it. I love the very Dutch feeling of the name, but I was always under the impression that Koenraad was pronounced KOON-rahdt?

    I think Koenraad might be a lot to deal with, but it is a really cool name, and I'd rather have a name nobody can spell that has a lot of meaning to my parents than a super popular name that means nothing. (For what it's worth, I liked having a popular name, but I always wanted to have a name that actually meant something to my parents!) I also like the option of Koen pronounced like Cohen--the cool sound, without the offending ties of Cohen.

    I think Alexander Koenraad nn Koen could be a nice alternative, too, but it just seems so much easier to use up front what you're actually going to call him.

    Good luck!
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