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    Thoughts on Zephyrine

    My top boy name for our 1st baby was Zephyr, but now that we have named our daughter Vesper it is out of the running for this child if it is a boy (too matchy).

    I love the name Severine but don't love the meaning (stern) and it came to me today that maybe Zephyrine would work in it's place plus the meaning and feeling I liked from Zephyr!

    My questions to the Berries:

    1) The feel of the name in general? Flow with Vesper?
    2) Nn possibilities? Effie perhaps?
    3) How would you pronounce/how do you think Americans would? Zeff-reen? Zef-er-in? Zef-er-een?
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    To be honest, I can see why you like the name, but I don't like it. It was in usage back in the 1700-1800's, but, I think it's too complicated and difficult to spell/pronounce. It would likely get some double takes when you introduce your daughter as well. However, I believe that, if you like it, since there are no nickname/bullying reasons why you shouldn't use it, go for it! It does flow nicely with Vesper, although, thanks to a song I adored as a younger teen (and I still love it), Vesper gives off a very romantic vibe for me, and Zephyrine doesn't fit that bill.

    Vesper and Juliet
    Vesper and Ophelia
    Vesper and Verona
    Vesper and Scarlett
    Vesper and Aviana
    Vesper and Adoria
    Vesper and Celestia
    Vesper and Seraphina

    If you do use Zephyrine, Effie could work, but I'm not sure any other nicknames could work with it. It's a very awkward name to deal with.

    I'm honestly not sure how to pronounce it at all, so I can't comment anymore on that.

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    1) The feel of the name in general? Flow with Vesper?
    I love the feel of Zephyrine, but I wouldn't have the guts to use it as a first name myself. Vesper and Zephyrine are perfect together.
    2) Nn possibilities? Effie perhaps?
    LOVE the idea of Effie. You could always go with Zephry or Zeffie.
    3) How would you pronounce/how do you think Americans would? Zeff-reen? Zef-er-in? Zef-er-een?
    I pronounce Zephyrine as zeff-er-ine. I'm from Australia and I'm not sure how Americans would pronounce it.
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    I agree with @lawsonhaley , I can see why you like the name but i much prefer it in the middle spott ( one of my favorite combos are Musetta Zephyrine Azure ) . Althought I think its cute with Vesper i prefer Severine .

    Some other ideas for Vesper 's little sister :

    Vesper & Emmeline nn Emmy , Millie
    Vesper & Evangeline nn Eva , Evie , Angel , Elle/Ellie
    Vesper & Vivianna nn Vivi , Anna/Annie
    Vesper & Genevieve : Nevie , Eve/ Evie , Genny
    Vesper & Anastasia nn Ana , Anie , Stasia
    Vesper & Isla
    Vesper & Olivia
    Vesper & Aurora nn Rory
    Vesper & Aurelia
    Vesper & Ariana
    Vesper & Azalea
    Vesper & Luna
    Vesper & Iris
    Vesper & Odette

    If you use Zephyrine i like Effie as nn . Others : Zoe , Errie .

    I pr it Zef-er-een but i dont know if its the right way .

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    Thanks ladies!

    @lawsonhaley, the honesty is appreciated! I know what you mean about it being a bit of a complicated name, and that is my main hesitation I suppose. The spelling alone would throw so many people! Thanks for your suggestions, I do like Seraphina but couldn't love Sera for a nn, maybe Severine is where I need to stick and just get over my dislike of the meaning.

    @fiammetta, Thanks for the feedback! I know what you mean about having the guts (I love your list, Hermione is a fave of mine but I don't think I could ever have the guts to use that one!)...And yes, nn of Effie is half the appeal of this complicated name!
    Mother to Vesper and Ondine

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