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    fiammetta Guest
    All options are beautiful as always, standouts for me are:
    Gwenllian Circe Cassandra
    Gwenllian Circe Faerydae
    Gwenllian Circe Heleyne
    Gwenllian Circe Loveday
    Gwenllian Circe Proserpina

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    While I like the repetition of the Ee sounds, Cs and Ls in Gwenllian Circe Alcyone, the singsonginess is definitely an acquired taste. May as well throw Niniane on the heap. I might like to see something a bit rougher at the end of this name. Gwenllian is like twisted glass, and Circe is sleek mercury. Together their effect is so smooth and liquid. How about something to bring out Gwenllian's earthier side?

    Gwenllian Circe Heather (Too 80s? Gwenllian fresh off the moor with heather sprigs caught in her bootlaces?)
    Gwenllian Circe Lark (Lark brightens up Circe's darkness)
    Gwenllian Circe Maud (Maud gives regal height, imo.)
    Gwenllian Circe Iona (Windblown and Scottish, the right texture.)
    Gwenllian Zenobia Circe (This sounds funky until you consider your last name. Then it becomes "Gwenllian Zenobia .. Circe E..." which is just smashing.)
    Gwenllian Circe Isolde (Why not?)
    Gwenllian Circe Mystis (I prefer this to Mist. Nymph, nurse to Dionysius, name means "an initiate of the mysteries")
    Still liking Aeronwy and Eilonwy.

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    Thanks again so much everyone. I've been having major Gwenllian issues.

    Gwen, Hannie, Fiamma; thank you so much!

    Emma; oh, I do like Gwenllian Circe Heather. Heather's one of my favourite nature names (who doesn't love heather?), Gwenllian Circe Maud and Gwenllian Circe Mystis! Amazing.

    These are the ones I'm considering at the moment:
    Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Circe Cassandra
    Gwenllian Circe Heather
    Gwenllian Circe Freyja/Gwenllian Freyja Circe
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    Gwenllian Circe Freyja! It's so lovely and magical!
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    Vote for Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy. It sounds perfect.
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