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    Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy is so beautiful. I really love how Gwen sounds with Circe!
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    Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy is so swoonable and I've fallen completely for it so obviously my vote go to that combination
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    Of the final four, I like Gwenllian Silvia Circe the best. I actually I really like the softness of Silvia Circe following Gwenllian and like you said, its just so pretty. My second favorite is Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy.

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    Haha, "pretty for Disney princess on LCD." Yeah, I knew that one wasn't a likely contender, but I couldn't help throwing her in there just for fun.

    I love each of your final four, but I really do hope that Circe makes it in this combo somewhere.
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    Eilonwy vs Silvia:
    I love Eilonwy. It evokes wide open misty spaces. Silvia is a wonderful name, but I think Silvia Circe is hissy. Gwenllian Silvia Terpsichore is wild. That would be my other pick.
    How about something that would give you the foresty feeling of Silvia and could be used next to Circe without the hiss?
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    And something's reminding me of your fondness for Veronica. I like that "ver" means both green and true. I think Véronique is beautiful. Makes me think of the film "The Double Life of Véronique." Something tells me your Polish hipster husband is a Kieslowski fan.
    Gwenllian Silvia Véronique. Too all over the place? Wales, Italy, France...

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