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    Ottilie, I love your imagery for your daughters. It's beautiful, and such a gift to your girls.

    Gwenllian Merida Elaine
    Gwenllian Andromeda Yvaine
    Gwenllian Eilonwy Cyrene
    Gwenllian Laurel Severine
    Gwenllian Hespera Yvaine
    Gwenllian Niniane Yseult
    Gwenllian Arcadia Elaine
    Gwenllian Ophelia Proserpine
    Gwenllian Zephyrine Niamh

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    Gwenllian is gorgeous.

    Gwenllian Ursula Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Megara Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Atalanta Elaine

    Gwenllian Magali Circe
    Gwenllian Phaedra Psyche
    Gwenllian Margarethe Elaine

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    Oh, Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy is such a breathtaking combo. I really like Gwenllian and Eilonwy together and Circe just connect them so perfectly.

    Gwenllian Ingrid Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Eimyrja Cyrene
    Gwenllian Eimyrja Melusine
    Gwenllian Melusine Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Nehalennia Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Signe Eilonwy
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    Love your description of Gwenllian and the photos to go with, she might just be my favorite name on your list now
    My favorite of your combos is Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy.
    Other combo ideas
    Gwenllian Cassandra Circe
    Gwenllian Cassandra Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Merida Elaine
    Gwenllian Merida Atalanta
    Gwenllian Atalanta Circe
    Gwenllian Megara Elaine
    Gwenllian Circe Megara
    Gwenllian Megara Atalanta
    Gwenllian Eilonwy Merida
    In my mind Cassandra, Megara, and Merida go with the image you painted of Gwenllian, Melusine seemed like a conflict of imagery to me and everything else seemed to go just fine but didn't scream out to me "put me with Gwenllian!"
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    I do love Gwenllian with Circe. It adds adds an element of mischief to Gwen. I rather like Gwenllian Circe Elaine, Gwenllian Atalanta Elaine, and Gwenllian Circe Atalanta. I guess I really like Circe, Atalanta, and Elaine with Gwen. Hehe. The hubs likes Circe too. He says Circe reminds him of sparklers!
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