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    Yeah, great ideas you have! My favorites probably are:
    Gwenllian Atalanta Yvaine
    Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Silvia Terpsichore
    Well, I am slightly disappointed there are no combos that I helped to made but I know I am just being egoistic. I am planning to catch up with Isolde though.
    And I really love the idea of Gwenllian Proserpina or Gwenllian Freyja something.

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    Mina; thank you! The names are all pretty but not quite my style. Lovely suggestions though

    Gwen; aaaaaah, Gwenllian Silvia Eilonwy!!!! Swoon! Thanks, sweetie!

    Fiamma; thanks, yes, I think this will be difficult!

    Belle; thank you. Psyche's one of my favourite myths, but I get what Husband says.

    Sarah; I'm still mourning Ursula. But the two next books on Husband's reading list has amazing Ursulas in them so maybe, just maybe, he'll come around!

    Victoria; aaargh! You know what happened? I'd already made the list, and I simply forgot to add Elektra Melusine and Pelagia Yvaine to the list! See how silly I am?
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    The ones I like

    Gwenllian Atalanta Elaine (second favorite)
    Gwenllian Circe Atalanta
    Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Eimyrja Melusine
    Gwenllian Signe Eilonwy
    Gwenllian Elektra Melusine (this is my favorite)
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    Oh Otter, dear, I am so happy you took them into consideration! Hooray! And no, you are not silly but sweet and smart!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    He said a big fat no to Megara, Ursula and Merida. He asked me why I want my daughter to hate me. Yeah. He thinks these names are too ugly and that it would be mean to give the second child an ugly name when Dita's are all so beautiful. Psyche's out because "it's ridiculous, especially with a manic depressive mum.". And the "do you want our daughter to hate you?" came up again. He thought the Gwenllian Proserpina Florimell was "pretty for Disney princess on LCD".

    And then he added one he likes all on his own: Gwenllian Circe Terpsichore.
    Hahaha.... well that's just too funny.
    But Ursula does get that a lot doesn't she? That said I had a dream about an Ursula last night and she (I swear to god) was not happy with me for putting her into a wolf-combo. She kept muttering, I'm a bear. I freaking bear not a wolf. It was highly amusing so I thank you for that. And with Merida and Psyche he just doesn't see it. <sigh> I love both but Psyche and Eros are my favorite love story EVER. But sadly I think most people don't realize her name means "soul" or "breath" and associated it too much with being Psycho. (Though he might come around yet. He used be be very anti-Ophelia and I have the feeling that let up a bit didn't it?)

    And well... I might agree with him on the LCD Disney Princess. (Too much frill for me).

    PS: Glad you've got an awesome list to work with. I'm excited for Isolde and Morgana (still my favorite for you - I am going to plug this whenever I can. lol.)
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