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    Gwenllian Atalanta Elaine- I like this!

    Names that mean wolf:
    Faolan [with an accent on the a]

    Gwenllian Ursula ... and Gwenllian Circe ... would both be nice.

    Gwenllian Tala Circe?

    P.S. I am getting really jealous of your characters. Really- I LOVE them and want them to be me, my family or my friends!

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    Ooooh Cassandra, I swoon! The double L's and then the double S's... Perfection. Also loving the suggestion of Silvia, very clever.

    Gwenllian Cassandra Isolde- Wasn't Isolde originally a thought to pair with this winter warrior? You could put almost any other name in between the two.
    Gwenllian Eilonwy Cassandra- I am so in love with this, and not even going to try not to be biased about it on this post. Breathtaking if you ask me!
    Gwenllian Megara Eilonwy- I am definitely loving the spunk of Megara here, maybe more than Merida even. [And my brain loves an M mn like Marion]
    Gwenllian Merida Cyrene- Just to try it out, because I do like her and she's another M. The scene where she climbs up to drink from the Fire Falls...

    I'm not sure why I always give you 4 combos... 3 doesn't seem like enough and any more than that overwhelms me maybe? I'll be back. =]
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    Ooh, lots of replies! Thank you all so much!

    Janna; thanks! I don't think Elaine's mundane at all... It's beautiful and Arthurian.

    Gwen; I love that movie too, and i love bunnies! I'm quite obsessed, Husband has promised me I can have bunnies when we move to the country side. Yay! The Bunny Whisperer... sweet! Okay, combos. I love Gwenllian Cassandra Circe, Gwenllian Psyche Atalanta and Gwenllian Merida Yvaine! Gwenllian Psyche Ophelia is really pretty... but too much, especially if daughter ends up like me. Thank you!!!

    Esswei; Gwenllian Proserpina Elaine is so beautiful!

    Kala Way; oh, another Cyrene lover! Gwenllian Merida Cyrene is gorgeous.

    Isabelle; I like Gwenllian Oenone Merida a lot.

    Niamh; thank you! Of your name suggestions I love Galadriel and Nymphidia (but I know Husband will say no to this one), Isolda is gorgeous, but Isolde and Gwenllian are very different in my head. Hedwig seems rather hard to me, but maybe Hedda. I love Gwenllian Circe Atalanta, and Gwenllian Eilonwy Nymphidia. I want to like Gwenllian Megara Galadriel, but there are too many g's!

    Namelover; Gwenllian Atalanta Circe is lovely. Good luck with the brain .

    Hannie; Gwenllian Cassandra Eilonwy! That definitely goes on my list. Gwenllian Megara Cyrene, Gwenllian Merida Circe and Gwenllian Melusine Elaine are all beautiful too.

    LexieLove; well, you and Amy have influenced me on Merida! And I love the movie... Gwenllian Merida Yvaine is gorgeous (and yes Neil rocks!). Gwenllian Margaret Psyche is beautiful, I adore Once Upon a Time and Snow/Mary Margaret is my favourite character. But I think of Margaret Thatcher first... Gwenllian Atalanta Cyrene, Gwenllian Ursula Noor and Gwenllian Cassandra Elaine are all swoon worthy, I am sure Husband will approve of some of these. About Eilonwy, I realise the sounds may not be ideal together, but Eilonwy is such a fabulous character and I'd like to have one of those beloved childhood characters in her name. Cassandra will do though .

    Brigid; thank you so much! Lovely combos; Gwenllian Arcadia Elaine stood out immediately though. And Hespera, what a thought! Hespera's my chameleon, she changes her appearance from combo to combo. Much more versatile than I though... Gwenllian Hespera Yvaine is lovely.

    Mimi; I love Gwenllian Ursula Eilonwy, it's beautiful.

    Zelia; Oh, good, I'm glad you liked Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy! I was so happy to find a place for Circe... she's been very difficult. Your combos are always gorgeous, Gwenllian Ingrid Eilonwy, Gwenllian Eimyrja Melusine, Gwenllian Signe Eilonwy. The others are beauties too, but these three are shining little stars! Thank you, sweetpea!

    Averella; another one for Circe Eilowy! yay! Gwenllian Cassandra Eilonwy and Gwenllian Cassandra Circe are gorgeous!

    Dina; I like Circe with Gwenllian too! Glad your man approves, love that he gives input! Sparklers... how lovely!!! Gwenllian Circe Atalanta is beautiful!

    Rhia; yeah, work is no good. Have a baby, stay home all day everyday, and you can keep up with all the fun! Not too late though. I'm rubbing my hands here, waiting to see what you cooked up. Gwenllian Calliope Selene is very pretty! I do love Calliope but my favourite ever boy name is Orpheus, Calliope's son. The same goes for Selene really, I love Endymion for a boy, and I feel like Selene will maybe ruin that. But this might be me over thinking. I do that. Gwenllian Cassandra Giselle is beautiful. Terpsichore is my favourite muse and one I'd love to use, but not with Eileen. That's one of my cringe names... Gwenllian Cassandra Eos, Gwenllian Eilonwy Atalanta, Gwenllian Ursula Melusine, oh all so gorgeous. Thanks so much, Rhia!

    Raegan; thank you! That's so sweet.

    Sorceress; Gwenllian Psyche Ellisiv and Gwenllian Leontine Megara are beautiful!

    Vics; No you're not too late, would you look at that! How nice of me to post when you were here. I do not mind alliteration! I love it actually. Gwenllian Merida Melusine is lovely. And Gwenllian Atalanta Cyrene! All good ones, but these two are my favourites! And the monsieur chimed in! Someone appreciates some male input, I do too of course, but husband sometimes think we're all crazy girls here... which is half true.

    FeyFey!; oooh, love the sound of that story and painting. I'm coming out of my artistic dry spell, and have finally started drawing and painting again... I've been sketching Gwen . Good object. Those are my favourites with Gwenllian too; Circe, Eilonwy and Cassandra. But Cassandra would be equally good with Morgana... Thanks for your opinions, as always.

    Maggie; isn't Gwenllian fab? We're not welsh, but... we've got Celtic roots, the both of us, so I guess that'll do!

    Ciottolo; Ah, Olwen. She's with Isolde or Zenobia I think. Too quiet and sweet for Gwenllian. Meirionwen and Adlais though... Gwenllian Eilonwy Adlais is gorgeous!

    Tui; and another for Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy! Glad you like the imagery. She's my kind of girl too... I love both your Cassandra combos, Gwenllian Cassandra Oenone definitely feels like running and haunting woods. Gwenllian Cassandra Psyche is strong and beautiful and windswept. Fantastic!

    Reverie; I'm glad you like my Gwenllian. Proserpina does go incredibly well with Gwen, and how beautiful is Gwenllian Proserpina Elaine? Gwenllian Proserpina Florimell - this made me squee! Gwenllian Callisto Titania, Gwenllian Ophelia Atalanta, Gwenllian Ostana Terpsichore are all incredibly beautiful. I also like the Artemisia ones, but Husband does not like that name, Thank you so much for your suggestions!

    Muffs; Cleo was tricky. Gwenllian's much easier to deal with, less of a diva complex. Gwenllian Terpsichore Silvia is genius! I also adore Gwenllian Ophelia Melusine... so so pretty, but still strength and gumption in masses.

    Whirlie; Haha, yeah, I can make a transforming machine and put you lot in it . Ulva makes me think of Ylva, a Swedish name that means she-wolf. The others aren't quite my style. Glad you like Gwenllian Atalanta Elaine!

    Lovely Amy; wasn't the Silvia suggestion amazing? I also love the two double letters, very cool. Isolde doesn't quite fit with Gwenllian in my head. She's quieter and less obvious (I'm really tired, not able to express myself properly). But, oh, Gwenllian Cassandra Isolde is fabulous! Gwenllian Eilonwy Cassandra and Gwenllian Megara Eilonwy too, oh my goodness. You just made some truly outstanding suggestions there. I really love Megara too, and I love that she's a Disney princess and a figure in Greek Mythology. I love these names that have more than one connection. And the M-thing... there's something in that. Gwenllian Merida Cyrene is beautiful too. There's something about Cyrene though, I think I like her myths more than her name. Which probably means I won't use the name... Four combos are obviously enough, sweets, when three of them made it to my big long list to show Husband! Thank you!!

    I'm going to write all the ones I love and like down and let Husband look at them. More opinions and suggestions are always welcome! Thank you all so so much, you're wonderful. xxx

    Also, if my spelling's horrible, please forgive me. I'm crazy tired but wanted to reply since you all took time to do this for me.
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    Oooh, my lovely Otter, I think this is my favorite imagery yet!

    Gwenllian Atalanta Elaine – It is beautiful, but I'm so in love with Cleopatra Phoebe Atalanta that I prefer that combo over this. Atalanta feels so ocean-y to me, and Gwenllian is a woodsy elven warrior. I adore Elaine for the "normal" name though!
    Gwenllian Psyche Eilonwy – Eilonwy is breathtaking! Isn’t there a Black Cauldron character with this name? swoon! I'm not thrilled about Psyche…not because I don't love her myth, but because the human psyche is my first association, and from there it's only a short step to psycho, etc.
    Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy – my favorite of the three. Gwenllian and Circe are wicked fabulous together!

    Gwenllian Circe Falathiel (Falathiel is Tolkienian, meaning huntress!)
    Gwenllian Laurel Arcadia
    Gwenllian Circe Boadicea
    Gwenllian Signe Eilonwy (instead of Psyche? I think Signe literally means warrior, and there's Signe Pike, author of Faery Tale, which is an absolutely enchanting book chronicling her real life search for faeries!)
    Gwenllian Olwen Sylvestra (Olwen always makes me think of silent white owls and feathers wafting in the breeze. Sylvestra is from the Latin name for pine trees. Owl feathers and pine trees, can't get much more woodsy than that!)
    Gwenllian Cyrene Willow (gosh, I love this…Cyrene is pure magic)
    Gwenllian Freya Sylvaine (Freya never fails to make me think of huge shaggy Nordic wolves with grey-white coats and wise golden knowing eyes…and Sylvaine is one of my favorite Sil variants)
    Gwenllian Olwen Titania (owls and faerie queens!)
    Gwenllian Fianna Yvaine (Fianna was another warrior/huntress)
    Gwenllian Silvia Terpsichore (like pp's suggestion of using Silvia to more easily link her to the wolves)
    Gwenllian Acacia Elaine
    Gwenllian Artemisia Lupe (is Lupe too literal? I can't decide)
    Gwenllian Olwen Eurydice (too weird with Orpheus, or okay in the second middle slot? She was an oak nymph after all!)
    Gwenllian Circe Daciana (Daciana means wolf or people of the wolf. Wolves, witchcraft, and woodsy warriors. Swoon!)

    This was so much fun! I think my favorites to pair with Gwenllian are Circe and Olwen. Eurydice seems a natural fit as well, but not sure how you'll feel about her and Orpheus so only did one combo.
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    I was just about to go to sleep... and then I checked in just one more time. Husband is probably going to reject Psyche anyway, and it's probably a good thing. Eilonwy is from The Chronicles of Prydian, the books The Black Cauldron is based on. She's a terrific girl, comes from a long line of strong women and she's really witty, brave and just an excellent namesake. And I adore the Disney princess connection with Marian and Eilonwy. I'm glad you too like Gwenllian Circe Eilonwy, it's my favourite of the combos I made as well. Now over to your combo work... Gwenllian Circe Falathiel is pretty, but I see falafel! Gwenllian Signe Eilonwy is beautiful, she was the one who wrote Faery Tale! I've got it, and I've read it, but I didn't remember her name. Signe means new victory, but it's fitting enough! Gwenllian Olwen Sylvestra is lovely, I love Olwen and even though I think she's too soft for Gwenllian this is lovely. Gwenllian Cyrene Willow, oh I'd love to use this but Husband has said an absolute no to Willow (sad face). Gwenllian Freya Sylvaine is lovely, Gwenllian Olwen Titania (squee!), Gwenllian Silvia Terpsichore... oh my. Gwenllian Olwen Eurydice is stunning. I'm unsure about it with Orpheus. In the middle it should be fine, and their story is very beautiful. And Daciana... I love this. I need to see if I can find out some more. Oh, what a jolly good bedtime read this was, Sessha mine. I'm adding lots to my ever growing list of possibilities. Everyone's been so generous! Thanks so much, darling! (While I read your post there was this guy walking/dancing by the river beating a drum and chanting. It felt very surreal.)
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