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    Opinions on Lawrence

    What do you think of Lawrence?
    I used to love it, especially as a middle for Luke, but Im falling out of love with it
    What do you think? Also Lawrence or Laurence?

    Ellie xx

    P.s first time actually using the rich text tool bar
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    I don't mind Lawrence, especially as a middle.

    It stumbles a bit with Luke because the stress is on the first syllable. If you like the alliteration, something with stress on a different syllable might sound better.
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    Luke Lawrence is great; I kind of like the alliteration. But as you know, I slightly prefer Henry and much prefer Marius as a middle for Luke : ) As for Lawrence, I've always liked the name a lot (and I mean a lot) and only with that spelling; because the NN Lawry is undeniably more masculine than the NN Laurie, and besides that, it looks amazing! And if you've ever read about St. Lawrence, the martyr, you would undoubtedly fall in love with the name again.
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    I much prefer Lorenzo or Lorenz (German version), but I really don't like the LL alliteration. How about Luke Caleb or Luke Kendrick?

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    I am not a big fan of Lawrence because I don't like the nickname Larry. I love Lorenzo though
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