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    Sorry! I didn't realize how much I wrote until after I posted...

    When you go to a stylist what you could ask for is a refresh on layers or if you don't already have them ask for layers to be put in. This way your cutting off what is damaged or broken while still maintaining the majority of your hairs length.

    Also seconding what Ottilie said. Try not to brush your hair when wet or if you do use a wide tooth comb. Your hair is at it's most vulnerable when wet and therefore easier to break off.

    As for products outside of treatments it really depends on what your hair texture is. What works for me might not work for you, so bear that in mind. It kind of sounds to me like your hair is perhaps on the drier side in which case you might find using one of treatments as a hair mask beneficial. Oils are great to combat frizz and smooth hair especially when combined with using a hair mask or treatment 1-2x per week. Personally I've tried Moroccan oil (which is really just a modified version of Argan oil), Argan oil, Buriti oil and Macadamia oil. I've found that I noticed the largest difference with my hair when using Argan oil and Macadamia oil. When you apply a oil in general make sure it's on damp hair and mainly focused at the ends of your hair. The ends are a lot more dry than your roots because remember the natural oils you produce are coating the roots of your hair. If you find yourself still experiencing frizz, I'm a big fan of Aveda products. In particular I noticed a difference in how soft my hair is when I use their Brilliant Universal Styling Cream. The only thing I really dislike about that product is that it smells a bit like a mans cologne and it feels a bit funny at first when you apply it to damp hair but when it dries my hair feels so wonderfully soft. Personally I would put off trying a new product until you see how one of those hair masks/ treatments and oil work. You might not need anything after!

    Good luck to you and if you try anything I would love to know how it goes!
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