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    I know it's to be expected that your hair will change after pregnancy... But no less frustrating I'm sure!

    I use coconut oil on my hair as a conditioning treatment. Slather it on, cover with a plastic bag and towel, leave in for a while before washing as normal.
    Also, don't underestimate the role of vitamin supplements. Vits A and E are great for hair, skin and nails. My hair grows pretty quickly, and my nails are stronger than they've ever been since I've been taking those vitamins.

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    Yup this normal. My hair was breaking and falling out in massive handfuls, it was just past my shoulders.I tried lots of things to help, vitamins, eating more/ healthier, I almost never blow dry or straighten and it just kept breaking and falling out. I wish I had heard of the gelatine thing before I cut off all my hair. Cutting it sort of helped it stopped breaking , but did not stop my hair falling out. The hair falling out/breaking didn't stop till about 7 months with both babies.

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    Well shorter hair is easier to keep away from babies hands anyways I guess, but yes Im taking vitamins & doing everything I can to keep it healthy but I guess it has other plans.. Im glad to hear yours stopped by 7 months at least!

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    Oh no! Don't wash your hair everyday. It's incredibly damaging because essentially what you're doing when you shampoo (especially with a shampoo that contains sulfate) your hair on a daily basis is stripping it of it's natural oils. The oil you produce is used to seal in the cuticles of your hair and is what actually protects it from breakage/ damage. Finding a good sulfate free shampoo is great but not 100% necessary depending on how often you wash your hair (which totally depends on your hairs texture and thickness).

    First things first, try to limit the use of any heat styling, products, and any sort of dying/bleaching whatsoever.

    A few natural and cost effective treatments to grow out healthy locks: egg yolks, extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil make fantastic treatments. Egg yolks work wonders for hair as they contain a high amount of fatty acids which is great for hair. In fact, this is why Argan and Moroccan oil are so extremely popular and well loved is because they contain a high percentage of fatty acids. I personally love using coconut oil over night and washing it out in the morning. I find egg yolks are best as more instant treatments. If you can find it, Amla oil is wonderful as well; though quite a few people complain about the smell. While using any one of these treatments, give yourself or have someone massage your scalp. Massaging your scalp increases blood flow to your head. The increase in blood stimulation increases hair production. Side note: If you find yourself experiencing dandruff give apple cider vinegar a try, it works wonders!

    Also diet is important! Make sure your getting protein in some way or form. If you find yourself having a difficult time doing so find a Keratin treatment (keratin=protein). Keratin is the strongest of hair product proteins (it's also the protein that hair is made of) and when used it helps strengthen the hair shaft which prevents it from breaking and smoothes the hair cuticle making it less frizzy! If you use a product with Keratin do not use it more than 1-2 per week. It starts having a reverse effect on your hair if you use it too often.

    Omega 3 fatty acids/ fish oil is great for growing out healthy locks. Salmon and walnuts could be your new best friends! Or you could try taking the large pills which work well-- of course consult your doctor before hand.

    Eh.. The whole trim often thing is a bit bogus. Your hair grows from your roots, not your ends. The only thing trimming will do outside of shortening your hair is making it even and having healthy ends until those eventually die or break as well. The point stylist try to make is that once your ends have been trimmed they will be less prone to breaking. Not necessarily true and just remember who's telling you that information... Personally, I trim my own hair once a month (or my mother will as she was a stylist in her day) and then I'll go to a salon about every 4-6months to freshen up layers and basically pamper myself.

    Sorry this is a bit jumbled. I did a project on hair growth in a physiology course I took last spring and this is just what I remembered from the top of my head and things that I've personally tried and have worked very well for me. I actually had a longer bob a year and a half ago and today my hair is just past the swell of my spine. For the record my hair is insanely thick, curly and slightly coarse; think Merida from Brave. If you would like actual product recommendations I would be happy to share but this is the basic information and what you should look out for and try yourself!

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    Oh my so much info! Im definitely open to any suggestions and plan on trying anything.. some like a abundance of all types of vitamins I might wait til im done breastfeeding but certainly trying to save my hair in the mean time. I plan on visitinf a salon to see what they can do about curting it without going back up to my shoulders because it doesn't seem like spilts more so just breakage or frays going up

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