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    Josh Duhamel and Fergie

    Josh Duhamel and Fergie (born Stacy Ferguson, now legally Fergie Duhamel) just had a son. They've named him Axl Jack.

    Axl without the "e" is all Axl Rose to me, and he took that name because it was an anagram of "oral sex." Axel Jack would have been so much better.

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    It sounds like a pirate to me? Not a fan

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    I was in a preschool today and noticed one of the boy's names was Daxel. Had never heard that one before.

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    I had no idea about the oral sex anagram... thanks for that!

    Yes I agree axl is axl rose

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    I am so happy for them, I have been waiting for the announcement! Fergie is such a talented woman, Josh is a hottie. They make such a beautiful family. However, I am not overly impressed by the name choice...Axel Jack would have been better or (!) Absalom nn Axel or maybe Jack for first spot but I think they used Axl because of Axl Rose. Well, they are eager to name thir child what they want so congratulations!

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