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    Opinions on Jade??

    Simple, sweet and a bit exotic. What do you think?

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    It's perfectly usable.
    i have a 4 yr old cousin name Jade... It's a nice name

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    caty_beth89 Guest
    I like it. It's not a name I would use myself, but I like hearing it on other people. I used to dance in company with a girl named Jade and it fit her beautifully.

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    Jul 2013
    Jade is lovely and unusual
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    It's fine as Jade. In fact, I quite like it. The colour is smooth and cool, the stone is pretty, it's got the rhythm of Jane without the "plain" issues (though I still love Jane!) and it's not nearly as out there as some other gemstone names I like, like Emerald or Peridot.

    As you can see, I like "green" names, both the stones and some botanicals like Hazel.

    However, Jayde, which I've seen, kind of gives me the shudders. JMO.

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