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    Smile Grace as a middle name?

    I know Grace is considered a filler, but I really like it. But, only as a middle name. And I really like the name Sophia. But, I wouldn't use them together... Sophia Grace is too popular. I want a more uncommon first name for the middle name Grace... Like, Arabella Grace... what do you think of that combo? She'd go by Bella and maybe Gracie sometimes. Electra Grace nickname Ellie and sometimes Gracie...
    Opinions and suggestions would be awesome. Thanks. :-)

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    I love the name Grace. But I don't like the idea of sometimes calling her Gracie if it's just her MN. I feel like having her full FN plus two NNs would get confusing.

    I love Arabella Grace! Very feminine and pretty! Not a huge fan if Electra.

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    I think Grace is a beautiful name - very pretty but also elegant.
    Love Arabella Grace - a really fabulous combination.

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    I really like Grace and do not consider it a filler. The first thing I think of is the glamorous Grace Kelly.. I like Arabella Grace and agree that Sophia Grace is WAY too popular.

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    Arabella Grace is also going to be pretty common someday I'd wager. Arabella is going to become more popular because many people like Isabella, but don't like it's popularity. That's my thoughts on it anyway. If I were to use Grace as the middle, I'd definitely want an extremely uncommon first name. Electra would fit that bill. Other options....

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