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    A list we love, Elisabetta, Juliana, and Valencia, combo help

    Last night after some more careful research we chopped our list down to only the names we both love...while many of my guilty pleasure names are no more that's ok because I am excited about what remains! Here are the basic bones of our combos....

    1. Elisabetta Jessamy True (I am loving this combo so much...nn Betsy.)
    2. Juliana _______ Heart (this is a name we may give to an adopted daughter so the mn would be significant to their heritage) Juliana is after one person from the country we plan to adopt from who we really admire. Heart is because we give our daughters names that mean love and she will literally be the daughter we have held in hearts for so long. Nn. Would be Annie.

    The above combos we hashed around for so long that i think we will use these for sure. Next one is new...what do you think?

    Valencia ______ Snow, we were delighted to find out we both love these...possible names for the blank Yvaine or Charity dh also suggested Charity Yvaine Snow. I want to love it as Charity is my fn but I just have never loved my first name, just the meaning. We have already used Esme as our oldest daughter's mn. Any ideas for this combo? It's very new to us. I am also noticing that these combos have a similar look...which I partly like but am questioning whether they are too similar. Also we do need a nn. For Valencia and Valley seems odd to my ear.

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    I like Juliana and Valencia. Annie is cute as button and a nickname for Valencia...Lena, Lacey, Ally, Nancy, Cia(see-uh), Val?
    So I am supposed to make suggestions as well, right?
    Juliana Poppy Heart (my favorite)
    Juliana Alice Heart
    Juliana Gwendolen Heart
    Juliana Madeline Heart
    Juliana Yvaine Heart (maybe fit Yvaine here?)
    Juliana Elowen Heart
    Juliana Sylvie Heart
    Juliana Beatrice Heart

    Valencia Phoebe Snow
    Valencia Rosalie Snow
    Valencia Rosamund Snow
    Valencia Maeve Snow
    Valencia Maud Snow
    Valencia Carys Snow
    Valencia Meredith Snow
    Valencia Coralie Snow
    Valencia Isabeau Snow

    Valencia Snow is gorgeous either name you put between.

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    We thought about Valencia Carys Snow. We like thatCarys means love. We think perhaps Carys Snow runs the s sounds together. If we used an English mn for Julianna we would like it to be a name that honors someone from their country of origin and/or family so Olive is a front runner for that spot but I am more fond of an actual name in the country of origins langauge.

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    I love Elowen but the meaning of elm doesn't draw me in.

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    I like all the name combos so far... they really are nice and well though out.

    Sorry I am not much help on the middle name front
    Im bad with rhythm and rhyme of names

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