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    I also would not necessarily think a boy named Julian was born in July (you're much less likely to name him Cancer than you are to call him I think Leo is one of the most obvious ones, but as others have said, it is a legitimate name in and of itself and not many people will even know your child's birthday so putting two and two together will mostly be reserved for family and teachers to do. If you want to make it a bit less obvious you could always name a Leo boy Leonardo/Leopold/etc. so that it wasn't quite as blatant. And as far as a younger brother born in March being named Leo, that might actually offer a cute tie-in to his siblings name. It would be similar to naming a younger sister Ruby (July's birthstone). I feel like I'm rambling, but no I don't think it matters more whether they are or aren't born in that month, especially with the more established names like Leo, August, May, June, or Julius. =]
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    I think for April and June, girls would get the question about their birth month.
    May, Julian, August--highly doubt it.
    Leo - nope, can't imagine it coming up unless astrology is extremely important to you.
    Would you ask if a girl named Virginia was a virgo?

    The less common the name, the more likely the question I think--September would get questions, so might Aries.
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    Would it matter to anyone else? I highly doubt it. Would I personally find it odd enough to not do it? Yes.

    It would bother me to have a Leo who wasn't a Leo when his brother was, but that's just a personal quirk from my tendency to WAY over think things.

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    Ummm...perhaps Galileo or Copernicus?? (Sorry...I'm ignorant about star signs)

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    thanks everyone! I love your feedback and I think it confirms that I am probably overthinking it. I also like amydomsmom's idea of intentionally establishing this connection between two siblings.

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