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    Star sign / month names

    I have a few questions regarding naming a boy Leo, Julian, August, etc.

    First, is it weirder to name a baby born in July/August Leo (after his star sign) or to name a baby born in December Leo? Same question for a baby born in July who is named Julian.

    Also, if someone has a boy whose star sign is Leo (whose name is NOT Leo), would it be unfair to this son if his brother (whose star sign is NOT Leo) is named Leo?

    thanks for your advice!

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    I personally don't think it matters! If someone was named Sagittarius and that wasn't their sign then yeah that would be weird but Leo is a standard name in itself. As for month names I wouldn't assume that someone called Julian is born in July or Mae was born in May. I don't think it matters with standard names that are established so you shan't worry!
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    I don't think any of that matters at all. If you like a name, use it, if you don't don't. I normally go by the way a name sounds, then by the way it looks written and typed, whether it has any symbolic meaning, and the meaning of the name. That is how I decipher whether a name is worth liking or loving. Also if the is a way to incorporate a family name at all plays a small role.

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    I also don't think that it matters! If you like the name and the baby doesn't happen to be a Leo use it regardless! I don't think it is weird to name a baby after the month or star sign either!
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    I have a boy sagittarius and his name is Lupin. Why? Absolutely no reason at all, I just liked it.

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