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    My boys list! Wdyt?

    These are my boys names that the hubby and I have used or have decided to use for future sons. These names have been set in stone for well over 5 years now and the only one that has ever changed was our current sons name, it went from Michael to Magnus because the hubby thought Michael was still way to popular (his name is Michael is also). We also like our combos to have a mix of classic/old fashioned names with a slightly unusual/uncommon counterpart.

    #1) Magnus James AKA Maggie and Pilot
    #2) Lyle Alexander AKA Alec
    #3) Benjamin Stark AKA Benny
    #4) Elvis Michael

    Reasoning behind the names:

    Magnus James is our 2 month old son. Originally he was going to be Michael James (after the hubby and uncles) because my hubby was so convinced he was going to be a girl I was allowed to pick whatever name I wanted. Then the minute we found out he was a boy his first words were, "He's not going to be Michael." so that made me a little irritated but I'm actually glad that happened because our son is definitely a Magnus and I actually love it more than Michael (have for a long time) but I always thought my hubby hated it, turns out he loved it! We are also HUGE comic book, novel and TV series fans and Magnus (and James) is the name from my favorite comic (X-Men), my favorite book series (The Mortal Instruments) and my favorite TV series (Sanctuary).

    Lyle Alexander will be the name of our second son. Lyle is after my grandfather who was my biggest father figure and the hubby loved Alexander and it was better than Seth so thats what we went with even though for a while I hated Alexander because people would always say, "Oh you can call him Xander!" or "Oh, Alex is cute for a baby!" and I HATE Xander/Zander and I'm not a fan of Alex, then someone said, "Oh a little Alec! How cute!" and I was in love. Following the comic book and novel theme Alexander is the name of another favorite character in X-Men and a character in, again, The Mortal Instruments.

    Benjamin Stark will be the name of our third son. Again, following theme, Benjamin is from Spiderman and the nickname is from a favorite TV series Supernatural,and Stark is from Ironman/Avengers comics, not Game of Thrones haha

    Elvis Michael will be our fourth son, we kinda kept with theme by using a name from something we love, Elvis Presley, and Michael is the name of so many characters I love that its ridiculous haha plus is after the hubby (hopefully anyway, if Michael is much lower on the list if/when #4 comes around)

    So let me know what you think I know everyones opinions and tastes are different so I know not everyone will love or even like my choices as much as I do haha You may even hate them
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    Magnus and Lyle are majorly cute! Elvis is nms but as with all of your names I see why you've picked them as they all have sentiment and mean something to you. I love the reasoning behind names and the names you've picked are lovely.
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    I love Magnus. It's also a Transformer....!
    To be fair, I love GoT. But to name your son 'Stark' is a bit... meh... Why not 'Bran' as it goes well with Benjamin.

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    Don't forget James Logan from X-men as well! Haha, my son loves that connection to his middle name...
    Magnus James is a seriously awesome name and I think Lyle Alexander fits really well with it. =]
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    Your son's name is seriously cool! Magnus handsome and cute too!

    You also have a great list.

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