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    Charlie is our boy name--totally stuck on girl name!

    We're due with a boy in the next month and we have his name picked out. He'll be Charles, nn Charlie. It's a family name and it's classic and we both love it.
    I started thinking (like a name nerd) about names for a girl if he ever has a sister and I have the hardest time with girl names. Then, I started freaking out about the slight, slight, slight, chance that the ultrasound is wrong and what if he is actually a girl and we have no name?

    I just want some ideas for a girl name--either a 'just in case' name, but also a name that would make a good sibling name with Charlie. Is another name ending with the 'e' sound too cutesy? (Charlie and Annie? too much?)

    Our last name is 2 syllables, ending in 'shay' so first names ending in 'ay' are out because it's too rhymey and names with a strong 'sh' sound can be kind of a mouthful as well. I don't mind names in top 100, but prefer not top 25.

    Some names we have liked, but none that we love, just for an example of our tastes: Anneliese (nn Annie), Ada, Amalia, Aubrey, Tess, Noemi, Paige, Eliza, Calla, Stella. My mom suggests Sena, which she swears is scandinavian and pronounced 'Seena'. Is the spelling of Sena problematic?
    Can you sell me on any of these or have other ideas?

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