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    This is kind of what I'm afraid of, too. I have heard of some children sleeping in their parents bed until 8 years, or even longer! I don't want to co-sleep for that long, no matter what.
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    My bf's sister is going on 11 and still sleeps with her parents...I definitely want this LO OUT of our bed by the time she starts school. Since she goes to sleep in her bassinet each night until her first night feeding, I'm hoping once she sleeps through the night it will be an easy(ish) transition. Curious to see if anyone has good advice.
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    Well , i have terrible experience on that . My brothers even in that age ( 12 , 15 ) sleep occassionaly with my parents !! I found it terrible in that age . I think its okay ( and normal ) to co - sleep until i dont know age 2 - 4 . After that i feel you lose your control . I think sooner the better . But i am not parent so i dont have any advice to give you .

    Good luck

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    Our bedroom is connected with our daughters' small bedroom. She can close the door, open it or come and join us when she has nightmares. We sleep with our 3 mo son in supersize bed, he also owns his crib. I'm expecting child no 3 (due mid april), when he/she arrives I'm expecting my Daughter to move to the room next door (pretty little kid's place), my son to be placed in the connected bedroom and the newborn to sleep with us.
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    I'm with Vitamom all the way. My daughter (22 months) sleeps in her crib sometimes, but will often return to our bed for several weeks at a time when she is teething or having nightmares or for whatever unknown reason. We will be doing our best to transition her to sleeping in her new twin bed before LO gets here in March, but we won't prevent her from coming in when she needs to. I'm considering setting up a toddler bed in our room for those nights, so that we can pop her in that after she falls back to sleep. Would you be able to squeeze a toddler bed, or even just a mattress, next to your bed? DD is a wiiiiild sleeper and does a lot of kicking a sideways sleeping, so I don't think we'll have an easy time with all 4 of us in the bed. Something else we've got going for us is that her big girl bed has a built in trundle, so we may work it to where if she needs us, DH will go sleep on the trundle next to her. That will most likely work best for everyone until the new baby is sleeping g decent blocks at night

    Just a side note about the Rock n Play... be sure to switch the direction the sleeper faces every couple nights. DD developed mild torticollis and a decently sized flat spot from sleeping it for her first three months (used only at night, she spent no time in it during the day). Her instinct was to always face toward me, so she always had her head turned right in the sleeper, and combined with gravity pulling her head down onto her shoulder because of the elevated position, she developed these issues. We were able to get most of it corrected fairly quickly, but it's worth noting. If you read the reviews on amazon, we're not the only ones that have had his experience. Sorry for the novel. It's really a great little sleeper (especially is baby has reflux), but I don't think it's actually designed for the amount of time a child sleeps overnight (actually, that was what Fisher-Price told parents who wrote them concerned about this). Anyway, hope that was helpful instead of just annoying

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