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    Go Team Green. Fun to see such an eclectic style.

    Bright is one of my favorite names and has been for some time. I just love it when paired with a more classic or vintage name. Frances Bright and Rosalie Bright are on my list. But I love Susanna Bright Winslow, that's a wonderful name.
    Thoughts on your other girl names:
    Lane - Is nice but not as special as some of the others.
    India - Huge controversy/stigma around this name. I love the country, I love the sound of the name but I wouldn't saddle my child with something that she would grow up to understand is actually very offensive to a lot of people in/from that country.
    Joni - Johnnie or Joanie pronunciation? I feel like this could be a continual annoyance for someone with this name.
    Simrona - Very unique but doesn't "flow" when I say it for some reason. Especially with Winslow.
    Jaina - Like it.
    Della - Love it. Della Winslow =
    Liet - Would make a cute middle name. Liet Winslow looks awkward to me.

    What about: Indira, Sabina, Zora, Sylvie, Gloria, Delta, Lida (LEED-uh), Nova, Sybil, or Luella ?

    Alton - Like it.
    Gordon - Very bad personal associations.
    Rollo - Not with Winslow.
    Frederick - Love.
    George - Sad that people are disregarding it now, when it soon won't matter. Nobody thinks 30-year-old Williams are named after the prince.
    Moss - Very unusual. But it strikes me as more feminine than masculine.
    Bennett - Like it but it was #202 in 2012!
    Claude - I can never like this because of the word "clod" - I think of a big clod of mud sticking to something, or someone being called "a stupid clod."
    Wilder - I like it but Wilder Winslow is a little tongue-tangly. I'd make it a middle name.
    Pax - Great meaning. Brangelina-ized therefore I'd nix it but that's me.
    Ludo - Not with Winslow.
    Nelson - Uncommon and very handsome. Love it. Nelson Wilder or Nelson Frederik = .

    What about... Brooks, Adler, Davis, Shepherd, Rudy, Bridger, Edmund, Ward, or Harvey ?


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    Thanks everyone for the feedback! My last name is driving me nuts. All my favorite names are either ending in 'o' or start with a 'W'.

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    I love the names Lane, Joni and Della... they are familiar but distinct.

    I like Ludo, Claude and Wilder for the guys, with the same reasoning.

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    Sorry, what's team green? Does it mean you haven't found out the gender?

    Susanna Winslow - I love this, I think it's superb
    Lane Winslow - cute, fits nicely with Marley
    India Winslow - the flow feels off to me because both are emphasized on 1st syllable
    Joni Winslow - would you consider Joan, nn Joanie?
    Simrona Winslow - hm, I like Simona Winslow, but Simrona seems off and I prefer Susanna
    Jaina Winslow - sounds a bit harsh together
    Della Winslow - oh that's lovely
    Liet Winslow - like leet or elite? sounds awkward

    Alton Winslow - very handsome, very Southern
    Gordon Winslow - very nice
    Rollo Winslow - it rhymes
    Frederick Winslow - my favorite
    George Winslow - both names share an O sound, which is fine—I wouldn't let the new prince stop you if you love it
    Moss Winslow - lot of S, and some would think his name was Winslow Moss
    Bennett Winslow - great name!
    Claude Winslow - very nice (sounds quite different from clod when I say it)
    Wilder Winslow - sounds a bit like a movie star with the alliteration and rhythm
    Pax Winslow - too short, flow's off
    Ludo Winslow - both end in O, not my favorite but it works better than Rollo
    Nelson Winslow - lot of n, l, s, o

    My favorites:
    Susanna, Della, and Lane
    Frederick, Bennett, and Alton

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    Gordon, oh dear, I love the name so much. Choose this one! Choose this one! Choose this one!
    Gordon Winslow sounds handsome.
    And that ends the names I like for boys. It's not your problem, I'm very picky.
    I think Alton, Claude and Bennett are nice too.

    India is my fave from the girls, but I think I would name my daughter Indira instead. Indira Winslow.
    Susanna is second. I would also consider Joan/Jodi.
    Italian teenberry with synesthesia. Environmentally obsessed.
    I have a habit of disappearing for sometime and then reappearing.

    Clara - Hilary - Leah - Margot - Nina
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