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    Lightbulb Naming our third- Team Green

    So I have a fairly mismatched sibset right now. My daughter Marley Marianne and my son Solomon James (we call him Solo). We are pregnant and on team green now. I had my girl name all picked out but I cannot convince my husband, because he does not share my dorky inclinations (hey nobody's perfect)

    The girl name I love is Chani Bright (pron: Chainy) It is a character from the Dune series. My husband hates it because the only association he has with the name was "the VP that shot the other guy with buckshot." He's probably in the majority on this one.

    So.. looking for names for both genders. Here is some basic info about me/us:

    Our last name ends in the "oh" sound. Starts with a W. Ok, it's Winslow. So no using Homer
    The sibset coordination thing isn't all that important to me since most of their lives will be lived independently of each other.

    Girl names I like: Susanna, Lane, India (family name), Joni, Simrona, Jaina, Della, Liet
    Girl names I'm not into: London, Anything top 100, Violet

    Boy names I like: Alton, Gordon, Rollo, Frederick, George (but it's out for us now), Moss, Bennett, Claude, Wilder, Pax, Ludo, Nelson
    Boy names I'm not into: I don't know. I like to avoid top 100 (or 1000! lol)

    Any ideas are welcome. There is always some golden advise to be found in the forums.

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