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  • Mikayla

    2 2.70%
  • Katelyn

    3 4.05%
  • Lillian

    28 37.84%
  • Isla

    20 27.03%
  • Cameryn

    2 2.70%
  • Hallie

    11 14.86%
  • Lenna

    8 10.81%
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    I think Lilliana is a great idea for you!

    If you want something unique I'd steer clear of Mikayla and Katelyn (I personally know at least a dozen of each, lol).
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    Reason behind "Jae"

    All of my husbands brothers have short middle names- the youngest's is "Jay" so it'd be after her uncle. Also she is due on thanksgiving and Jaydon means "thankful", so even though it's not the full name I thought it was cool My husband's middle name is "Dee" so "Jae" even though it sounds like an initial has the same idea. I'd love to pass on my middle name but I disliked having a middle name so common growing up..."Marie".

    Loving all the thoughts and suggestions! I like Isla as well I guess there's no way to know how popular a name is going to get. My husband really likes Lillian "Lily" for short but oh my goodness at least in my neck of the woods there are so so many Lillys and Ella/Ellie little girls running around! What would a nn for Isla be? I like Lenna but think I'd prefer something a little more feminine possibly.

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    I voted for Katelyn, though I prefer it spelled Katelynn.
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    I like Lena and Alenna is pretty, but my thoughts are mixed about Lenna on its own. But it's definitely the most striking of the group.
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    Like Ashley, I was curious about Jae. Thanks for the elaboration. It seems like an ideal middle for your girl.

    The list--with the exception of Lenna--isn't what I'd consider unique. There are quite a few Lillians, Katelyns, Mikaylas, and others running around from this and previous generations. Regardless, I find Lillian, Isla, and Hallie particularly lovely.

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