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    Chelsea will forever be tied to the 80's/90's for me, I think I went to school with 6 of them so I'm not a huge fan
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    My name is Chelsea. I'm changing it, so I'm obviously not a big fan (it's nice to hear that someone likes it though ^_^). I don't know about where you live, but Chelsea is very common and It was also very popular/trendy around the time I was born (I was born in 1993). Idk how popular it is in England, but it's been in the top 500s here ever since. I've lived in three different states, and I always had to use my last name initial in school and other activities. I've met a bunch of Chelsea's (spelled all different kinds of ways). Nothing about this name is unusual in my opinion. It's so common and constantly overlooked. I have never been complemented on my name in my almost 20 years of life. Ever. The best I've ever felt about my name is neutral. Chelsea, for a lot of different reasons, just feels "off" to me (which is why I'm changing it). I'm not trying to turn you off from Chelsea, and there's nothing wrong with it. This is just my personal opinion and experience of living as a Chelsea. Not all Chelsea's feel this way of course!
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    Best football team, but don't like it for a name.

    I agree with @charlieandperry1 . I don't know where in England you are from but where I live it is definitely a chavvy name. And the only kids I have heard it on lately all have rough parents and they spell it, Chelsee!
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    I love the name Chelsea, always have, always will. Actually, all the chelseas I've ver met have been sweet. It means Safe Harbor.

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    I adore it too!
    This is one of the names I can't stop pronouncing. Chelsea has such a soft sound.
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