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    o.k. Berries- believe it or not, Susanna Augusta Joy!????

    So after discussing Anna at length with hubby yesterday... he says... well if we go with Anna, we should just go with Susanna, as I know you have loved it for a long time... yep, he is a true gem However, with Augusta now being a must in the combo, I am not so sure I love it the same, and I really would love some opinions!!...

    Though it has helped me to see, that I do feel like Caroline or Susanna stand out a bit more than Anna..
    So Berries..........

    Susanna Augusta Joy
    Susanna Augusta Jane
    Susanna Caroline Augusta
    you can say "are you nuts, Caroline Augusta Jane is still the best" - and I just might agree! LOL!!!

    Thank you all so much!!!!
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    Honestly, Susanna Augusta Joy doesn't have the best flow because of double -a's. Can Susanna Caroline Joy be an option?

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    Oh my goodness, your husband is a doll! I know you have loved Susanna for a long time. I still really love Caroline Augusta Jane, but if I had to choose an option for Susanna, I would choose Susanna Joy Augusta - much better flow than Susanna Augusta Joy.
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    Susanna Augusta Jane is very beautiful! I very much have a name crush on Susanna, it's such a beautiful name, familiar, yet not as commonly used in recent years.

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    What about Susanna Joy Augusta?
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