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    Wdyt of Sophie Arabella?

    My husband and I want to use Sophie Arabella for a girl. What are your general thoughts and opinions on the name? Sophia is just WAY to popular and I've always loved Sophie more anyway and so does the hubby. My sister wants us to spell it Sophi or Sofi and his sister wants us to spell it Sophee and both of their reasonings are to "be different" but I really don't like "kre8tive" spellings, they look silly to me.

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    Sophie is definitely the best spelling. Sophie Arabella is quite frilly but a nice sounding name, fine.

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    I would stick with the French spelling of Sophie. Why ruin a lovely name? Sophie is my preferred version. I've always found it more down-to-earth and friendlier than Sophia. Arabella is frilly and feminine so it works well with the more approachable Sophie. I think the combo is a winner!
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    prefer Sophia and use Sophie was a nickname.

    but Sophia and Sophie and any variant are ALL popular and high on the SSA list so id have to skip the name as a first all together.

    id go with Arabella Sophia or Arabelle Sophie
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    The name is lovely.

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