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    Although I wouldn't personally use Rapunzel (because I don't like how it sounds) it could work. The tale however, depending on which version can be quite gruesome and that is probably part of the reason why others might not like it so much. And it is a strong association that a lot of people have grown up with. However @giinkies if you want to name your child Rapunzel, go ahead. Its your choice, you love the name.

    Now to answer the OP, thanks for the info! Rapunzel is quite an interesting name whether or not you like it. Bitter Greens is one of my favorite books, and I love the character Margherita. A couple months ago I had the chance to see the author talk about it, and she said that Rapunzel was her favorite fairy tale and it deeply resonated with her (she spent a lot of time in hospital when she was young).
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