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    Rapunzel Expansion

    just saw a closed thread about this name though i think it lovely, a lil much for a first name and a person would get tired of hearing 'let down your hair'.

    but i think its a good middle or great inspiration for a unique first so i went looking.

    origins of Rapunzels name may come from various stories, info i got from wiki:

    1) Rudaba or Roodabeh is a Persian mythological female figure in Ferdowsi's epic Shahnameh. She is the princess of Kabul, daughter of Mehrab Kaboli, and later she becomes married to Zal, as they become lovers. They had two children, including Rostam, the main hero of the Shahnama.
    In Dari language of Darbar (Royal Court) which the shahnameh was written Rud means River and Aab means Water. Therefore her name means she of the River Water.

    2) It is difficult to be certain which plant species the Brothers Grimm meant by the word Rapunzel, but the following, listed in their own dictionary,are candidates.
    - Valerianella locusta. Rapunzel is called Feldsalat in Germany, Nuesslisalat in Switzerland and Vogerlsalat in Austria. Etty's seed catalogue states Corn Salad (Verte de Cambrai) was in use by 1810.
    - Campanula rapunculus is known as Rapunzel-Glockenblume in German.
    - Phyteuma spicatum, known as Ährige Teufelskralle in German.

    * anyone want to try getting some names out of those scientific plants?
    - Nuesslisa, Neusslisala, Neslisa/la, Nuess
    - Valeria (yay! a real one!), Valerianel, Valerelle
    - Campa
    - also like Etty!

    3) An influence on Grimm's Rapunzel was Petrosinella or Parsley, written by Giambattista Basile in his collection of fairy tales in 1634, Lo cunto de li cunti (The Story of Stories), or Pentamerone. A similar story was published in France by Mademoiselle de la Force, called "Persinette".

    4) In the collection of short stories "Red As Blood or Tales of the Sisters Grimmer" by Tanith Lee from the year 1983, Rapunzel is called "Jaspre" and the story is called "The Golden Rope."

    5) In Kate Forsyth's Bitter Greens, a retelling of the Rapunzel tale, a little girl called Margherita, and renamed Petrosinella, has the red hair of eight other girls sewn onto her own fiery hair by the witch Selena Leonelli.

    6) Some elements of the fairy tale might also have originally been based upon the tale of Saint Barbara, who was said to have been locked in a tower by her father.

    7) Another Italian tale, Prunella, has the girl steal the food and be captured by a witch.
    - since Prune is so popular in France i could see this catching on somewhere. Prefer Plum so in this case Plumelle/a?

    8) "Puddocky" is a German fairy tale. A variant, "Cherry," was collected by the Brothers Grimm, and in French, Madame d'Aulnoy retold it in a literary fairy tale as "The White Cat", altering the tale's frog into a cat. Some variants open with the heroine, who is so greedy for one type of food — cherries in Cherry and parsley in Puddocky — that her mother steals it for her. In Puddocky, this is from a witch who demands her daughter, like in Rapunzel. This story is similar to the Frog Princess/Prince.

    9) Anthousa, Xanthousa, Chrisomalousa or Anthousa the Fair with Golden Hair is a Greek fairy tale collected by Georgios A. Megas in Folktales of Greece. The heroine's three names mean "Blossoming", "Fair-haired", and "Golden-haired"
    - not a fan of 'overly Greek' names so i shorted them to Anthsa, Xantha, & Chrisomal/a.

    Though the majority of these arent truly real life usable, my favs are Jaspre, Persinette, Parsley, and the made up Neslisala. I'd prefer the Persian as Radabah to get rid of the 'rude' sound.

    ps: a must read is the book Zel - a retelling of the fairy tale by Donna Jo Napoli its fantastic.
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