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    Thoughts on Luna...

    The name I am currently in love with is Luna. But I've always heard that a child with this name would get a lot of bullying because it's so close to "lunatic".

    Do you guys really think it's that big of a deal? Kids can find any reason to make jokes, but would a child named Luna be an easy target?

    I am also in love with Violet, which happens to look a lot like "violent". So if I were ever to use them together I would have a violent lunatic! This is such an odd predicament!

    Luna Violet is so lovely but sadly I have to split them up for this reason.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I really love Luna. I think it's a lot more connected to the moon and stars (gorgeous imagery) than to 'lunatic' or 'loony'. I don't think I've ever actually heard those words spoken in my life! (Not counting books or movies here). Almost any name you love you will start to double guess and try to invade the mind of a 9-year-old, but to be honest, I don't think kids are really all that cruel! I have a very uncommon name and I was never teased for it (I may have been teased for other things, but never for my name). I don't think a kid in say 5 years (assuming your child was born today) would even know the word lunatic! I think Luna is perfect and gorgeous.
    Violet - I adore it. I think of the purple flowers WELL before 'violent' even crosses my mind. In fact, the word 'violent' now looks purple to me
    I think Luna and Violet would be amazing sister names! I would swoon if I came across it in a sibset.
    Best of luck!

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    I love Luna! It's even in my signature. Unfortunately, I would never be able to convince my other half to use this. (I am an extreme Harry Potter nerd, and he is fully aware of this) I hope you do use it!
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    I love the name Luna but I think in this day and age the Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter association has severely diminished any stereotypes against the name.
    This is what I think of and not looney.
    Luna will get teased no more than Gina (add 'va' to the start of the name or alter the pronunciation of Gina) or Virginia (-the 'ia')
    Kids will tease your kid no matter what... It is a part of life we all deal with it and more importantly have all survived.
    The name may make your kid an easier target but no less of a target without the name.

    I think the Violent Lunatic association is quite funny but also something I would never have thought of as Violet is such a familiar and common name nowadays.

    Luna Violet is a lovely name stop worrying as much.

    If it makes you feel any better Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley got teased both for her double barrelled last name and for being tall and less developed than the other girls.
    The best of us go through it

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    Luna is beautiful. To be honest, you could find any name and find something kids could make fun of. Even if the kid's name is Tim, they're gonna find something mean to call him. If you love Luna, do it! Most Luna's I know love their name.

    Luna Violet is gorgeous, and besides, the kids at school will only see Luna V. unless she tells them what her middle is. If she's the only Luna, she probably will only be known by Luna. Lu is also a darling nickname.

    Go for it if it calls to you!
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