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    I'm sorry Pam...
    I'm just responding to comments addressed at me while I have some time on my hands.

    I'm not offended and I hope I didn't offend anyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orphanedhanyou View Post
    ....It is difficult to be certain which plant species the Brothers Grimm meant by the word Rapunzel, but the following, listed in their own dictionary,are candidates.
    - Valerianella locusta. Rapunzel is called Feldsalat in Germany, Nuesslisalat in Switzerland and Vogerlsalat in Austria. Etty's seed catalogue states Corn Salad (Verte de Cambrai) was in use by 1810....
    Actually I grew up eating A LOT of Feldsalat (more commonly known in the US as Mache) - our local and very rural vegetable guy sold it as Rapunzel salad (in his super strong Bavarian accent). This actually makes a lot of sense due to its high iron content. The woman, Rapunzel's mother, craved the plant from the Magicians garden and they named her for that plant. Many women (esp before pre-natal vitamins) become anemic during pregnancy. The mother craving mache for its iron content and it thus being Rapunzel salad makes most sense.

    From my copy of the Grimm Brothers Rapunzel "...da erblickte sie ein Beet, das mit den schoensten Rapunzeln bepflanzt war, und sie sahen so frisch und gruen aus, dass sie luestern ward und das groesste Verlangen empfand, von den Rapunzeln zu essen." (rough-ish translation: "there she saw a garden-bed, that was planted with the most beautiful Rapunzel, and it looked so fresh and green that she lusted to eat from this Rapunzel.")
    Presumably should the rapunzel that was referenced in the fairy tale not be mache (the other two seem to have more vibrantly colored flowers) the plant would not have been described solely with the color green but instead with purple, or blue or pink or white.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casilda View Post
    The difference is that you're getting so uptight about people disagreeing with you. How many times do you really need to say "well, rapunzel is the name of a plant like Ivy or Hazel" or "well people still use Shakespeare names even though they're associated with sad situations!" Seriously, how many times do you need to say that? People reply to your comments regarding these, many times giving valid reasons, and you still ignore it! If you don't want to listen to the reasoning behind it, stop replying with the same thing.

    Rapunzel has never been common as a first name for girls. That means the association with the storybook character is really strong for many, many people. Since the character is so strong, it immediately brings to mind the negative images of the book.

    The difference with something like Hazel and Rapunzel is that Hazel is familiar because it has a history of use as a given name. Rapunzel does not, which makes it more "out there" than Hazel, Ivy, Lily, or Dahlia. Aside from that, Hazel, Ivy, etc. are short and sweet. Rapunzel is long and not as feminine sounding ("ra", "pun" and "zel"), it also doesn't have any cute nicknames aside from Zel/Zella. Rap/Rape certainly isn't pretty, nor is it the association many, many people want with their daughter's name.
    There is no difference, I keep responding to people who are quoting me and disagreeing with me just as you are doing.
    Generally in a debate, when people give reasons, other people are allowed to disagree with them... I'm drawing analagies to things people are making points of.
    If you want to make a point that is fine. Why can't I make mine?

    It's funny that you say I keep making the same point over and over, because, well everyone else keeps doing the same thing. It all comes back to Rapunzel being a fairy tale character.
    Just because I disagree with your reasoning and do not do as you say, doesn't mean I do not hear it.

    And btw, nothing you said in your post hasn't been said already either... so you can take your own advice.
    Do as I say and not as I do?

    So what you can re-gurgitate other people's point and repeat them but I respond the same thing it is a problem?

    If you are going to bring up the rape point again... I can't bring the point that other people also have names with bad associations in it?
    of course not, but I'm going to get ridiculed for making my point!

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    Quote Originally Posted by giinkies View Post
    Rapunzel is a common name for Valerianella locusta in Germany... again not invented by the creator of the story (wasn't the point of my analagy).
    just like Lily, Dahlia it is a plant name.

    The point of my analagy was that just like Rapunzel is strongly linked to the story... so is Ophelia.
    The name is strongly linked to the character... I never read Shakespeare as a child and even I knew Ophelia was the woman who drowned herself in water.

    I think lots of people give their children ridiculous names... have you read this forum or caught up with pop culture lately?
    Doesn't stop people from liking the name and giving it to their child.
    Celebs aren't the only people who give their children ridiculous names, they're just the most high profile ones.
    No one is stopping anyone from doing anything. We were asked for our opinions and we gave it. And it wasn't even by you. The OP seemed to have taken our opinion well. Not sure why you can't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriela View Post
    No one is stopping anyone from doing anything. We were asked for our opinions and we gave it. And it wasn't even by you. The OP seemed to have taken our opinion well. Not sure why you can't.
    The OP isn't online incase you haven't noticed.

    And you can feel free to re-read other people's post and the fact that they were quoting me and not the OP.
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