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    @Giinkies - If you want to name your future child Rapunzel, then go ahead.

    The previous thread was asking for people's opinions on the name and that's what we gave. The majority of people think Rapunzel is far too closely linked to the fairytale and is, basically, a silly name.

    Defend the name as much as you want, say it's no different from naming your child Juliet or Ophelia, but that's not going to change people's minds. Saying lots of names are linked to depressing stories isn't going to make me say: "Oh my goodness, you're right! Now I will go ahead and name my baby Rapunzel after all because you've shown me it's no different from any other name!"

    By the way, I've heard of the name Merida before the movie. I've never even seen the movie, but I know a woman named Merida, so please don't make assumptions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawsonhaley View Post
    Well, I've just finished high school, we NEVER read Hamlet in school, and, when it was suggested to us, my classmates (in an advanced level English course) had NO IDEA who or what the play was about. Let alone that an Ophelia was in it. Today's generation of teens isn't likely to remember a Shakespearean character they read about in high school (my class didn't). It's not a list of 'irrelevant' people, it's proof that those associations mean nothing to a lot of people. Plus that, finding any birth records from the 1500-1600's is close to impossible.

    Quite honestly, I think you're just someone defending a name you like, however, you need to accept that we've been asked our opinions, and, not to mention, you didn't even create this thread. You don't have to like our opinions, and we don't have to understand/see why you like Rapunzel.
    Depends on where you go to school.
    I did sciences in high school and wasn't in any advanced level english class and even I knew who Hamlet, Macbeth, Ophelia were...
    Where I grew up, I knew who Ophelia was in childhood.
    I wouldn't go around boasting that people in an advanced level English class had no idea who those people were, I have a very hard time believing that. Saying today's generation of teens will not remember the association is a very big generalization and seeing as Shakespeare has been taught in highschools and is a part of the curricula, I'm going to disagree with/disbelieve that.

    Shakespeare character will be remembered long after you and I and all our grandchildren have died and it will continue to be taught in highschools all across the world. Most people I went to high school with and generally people who went to different high schools knew who they were.
    Looking up birth records of a bunch of irrelevant people most people have never heard of may seem like a lovely idea, but at the end of the day they're still irrelevant.

    Umm... I have no problem accepting that you have an opinion (so I have no idea where you got that impression), I can accept that you have an opinion but I have every right to respond to it.
    I never said I didn't appreciate your opinions.

    I think you have it twisted, maybe you have a problem with me liking the name Rapunzel?, not me having a problem with your opinion, because honestly I don't.

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    I love how everyone is saying that people are entitled to their opinions but it seems that only people who dislike the name are entitled to their opinions.
    Take your own advice.
    Disagreeing with something and saying someone shouldn't have an opinion are 2 different things.
    Is it going to change my mind no, I'm not trying to change your mind either... I simply respond when I am being addressed or directly quoted

    "This is what I think of the name x,y,z... what is this thread still here? Your opinion is silly!" is what I keep hearing

    I respond quite frankly as people are directly quoting what I say... what you can do it and I can't?

    Lastly, I didn't start this thread... I was simply responding to something someone told me, then a bunch of people jumped on that as well.

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    Let's turn down the heat a couple of notches. This is an interesting discussion and there's no reason for it to be this tense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by giinkies View Post
    I love how everyone is saying that people are entitled to their opinions but it seems that only people who dislike the name are entitled to their opinions.
    Take your own advice.
    The difference is that you're getting so uptight about people disagreeing with you. How many times do you really need to say "well, rapunzel is the name of a plant like Ivy or Hazel" or "well people still use Shakespeare names even though they're associated with sad situations!" Seriously, how many times do you need to say that? People reply to your comments regarding these, many times giving valid reasons, and you still ignore it! If you don't want to listen to the reasoning behind it, stop replying with the same thing.

    Rapunzel has never been common as a first name for girls. That means the association with the storybook character is really strong for many, many people. Since the character is so strong, it immediately brings to mind the negative images of the book.

    The difference with something like Hazel and Rapunzel is that Hazel is familiar because it has a history of use as a given name. Rapunzel does not, which makes it more "out there" than Hazel, Ivy, Lily, or Dahlia. Aside from that, Hazel, Ivy, etc. are short and sweet. Rapunzel is long and not as feminine sounding ("ra", "pun" and "zel"), it also doesn't have any cute nicknames aside from Zel/Zella. Rap/Rape certainly isn't pretty, nor is it the association many, many people want with their daughter's name.
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