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    DH has been reading Charlotte's Web to our son each night and one night after their reading session he mentioned to me that he really likes the name Fern. We most likely won't be having another baby for a couple years seeing as our youngest is only 5 months old, but I still have to ask. What do y'all think about Fern with our sibset as a possible someday second daughter? Our son is Benton Grover and our daughter is Arwen Elizabeth. I'm not sure what middle I'd put with it either. I was thinking maybe Fern Olivia since Olivia is another name we both love. Any other suggestions? Thoughts?

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    Wow, your kids have absolutely wonderful names, really!
    And about Fern: it's a nice, pretty name and fits with your kids very well. Fern Olivia is beautiful. For other ideas, what do you think about Sorrel Olivia?

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    I love Fern! It was in the running for my daughter but we live on Fern ave so that would be odd.

    I think it's great with your son and daughters names.

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    We are also reading Charlottes Web right now! I so want to love Fern, but I just can't. It seems so abrupt. Maybe if I met a lovely little Fern it would change my mind.

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    Sorry, but it's a houseplant to me. Imogen would be very cute w/your sibset. Maybe your son would enjoy 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever'?

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