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    Thoughts on Dahlia?

    Do you prefer Dahlia or Dalia?
    Do you have any nn options you like for it?
    What would you think of a person named Dahlia?
    Any other thoughts with it?

    Please and thank you!
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    I think it's awesome! I think I would go for dahlia. That's how you spell the flower, right? Somehow seems more legitimate to me. And I think there are some possible pronunciation issues. I would always pronounce it da-lee-a, but I think some people say day-lee-a.
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    I adore Dahlia, definitely with the "h". I think it's too pretty for a nickname, but Lia works.

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    I really like the name Dahlia. I pronounce it Dahl-ya. If I had a Dahlia I might call her Dolly as a nickname sometimes. So pretty!

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    I love Dahlia! I say DAHL-yah. I think it's stunning. I much prefer it with the "H", but I think I read somewhere that without it it's an international variant--I think maybe a Hebrew variant? Not sure. Still, both are very pretty.

    If I met a Dahlia, I would probably blurt out like a total name-addict-idiot, "Eeeeek, I love your name!" bahaha. I would also be seriously impressed with little (or not so little) Dahlia's parents, for coming up with such an impressive name! Love it.

    For nns, the only ones I can really think of are Dolly and Lia. I suppose you could stretch it and use Allie...
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