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    I have the same issue as you. I have this whole, long list of names I adore (only a few are in my signature) and my family hates them. My mother dislikes any thing I suggest because they arent "normal" names as she says. Araminta got laughed at when I brought it up and so did Artemis. Not to mention basically any nature name other than Lily. Luckily my fiance likes less common names like I do, so as long as we love the name, Im okay with everyone else not loving it.

    Youre list is great, btw. I love Clementine, Juliet, Beatrix, Adelaide, Hattie, and soo many more. If you love the name dont worry about what others think.
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    Great list! For those of us who grew up watching 'Little House on the Prairie', Nellie is mockable, but your generation is probably oblivious. Sorry your family isn't more supportive--did they share any of their name favorites??

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    thank you! In school, if any classmates noticed me writing down names, only one of them actually understood and I was shocked to find that he liked most of the ones I did. (his favourite happens to be Liliana Evangeline from the ones I had written down at the time). I guess I'm just really self-conscious about everything, even my taste in names. It's hard being a teen name nerd sometimes.

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    I agree, many of them are quite normal or accepted, if uncommon. There are a few I wouldn't personally choose (for example, atalanta, because I would fully expect the kid to be correcting new people all the time, "no not Atlanta"), but they really aren't that crazy!
    That's not to say that relatives wouldn't react to the names... Honestly, for example my brother- if he were to have kids would probably not go past the top 25 for names, that's just how I expect him to feel. And he's quite outspoken about everything. If I were to name my kid Clementine (and I have it on my long list/"slightly guilty pleasure but have a reason to legitimize it" list), he would probably laugh, say that was the most bleeping ridiculous thing he's ever heard, I'd be an idiot to give such a stupid name to a baby, etc etc. Buuuuut you know, that's just how he is, and I'm not naming HIS baby!

    I think negative reactions are just a part of having unexpected/uncommon taste. With names, negative reactions are pretty unavoidable, especially when you're just chatting about names hypothetically. Then again, I'm sure relatives might pipe up more once there is an actual baby to be named, so it could get worse! But as far as announcing a name after it's been bestowed on a person, I think most people know to keep their opinions to themselves, or at least not outright express them to the parent.

    To be honest, I don't think I really give a flip what people might think about my absolute favorite names... Which is a great litmus test to discover that they really ARE names I love. I may asked for opinions to see if there's a prevailing trend or association that I was unaware of, but as far as letting others determine the names I love... Nope! Also, I think if you carry that sort of confidence and embracing of the names you give your kids (down the road in life), you'll be setting a fine example for those kiddos as well.

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    Some might. Others might just get weird looks because they are really unused names/or old names. Ones I would strike are noted... I also noted the ones I love. If I didn't say anything about them they aren't my favorite, but wouldn't strike them if you love them.

    Quote Originally Posted by lawsonhaley View Post
    There are SO many uncommon/underused/rare girls names I love, but I'm really scared of saying them to anyone, because when I discussed a few with my mum and sister, I got outright laughed at, and just about all (minus Imogen, Ophelia + Marcheline) were mocked. Now I'm scared of even mentioning them, let alone using them one day. Would any of these be picked on/mocked if they were names of children now?

    Agatha (Hattie)-strike, hag-atha
    Atalanta-strike because of mispronunciation problems (Atlanta)
    Araminta (Minnie)
    Asteriaa strike
    Beatrice (Betsy)- LOVE
    Beatrix (Betsy)
    Bronte- strike. Feels so masculine
    Clementine (Emmie)- LOVE
    Cressida- strike. Car name
    Celeste (Elsie)- LOVE, though the nn feels forced.
    Dulcie- strike
    Edith (Edie)- strike. Old feeling.
    Eugenie- strike
    Elspeth (Elsie)- strike. Feels like Elisabeth with a lisp.
    Endelyn/Endellion- strike
    Estelle- strike. Feels old
    Florence- strike. Don't like the inevitable nns of flo or Flossie
    Fallon- strike. Not super feminine. Unattractive.
    Hattie- LOVE (like as a nn to Henrietta)
    Isolde- LOVE
    Jessamine (Jessa)-LOVE
    Millicent (Millie)- possible strike...maleficent. (Sleeping beauty villan)
    Mabel (Belle)
    Martha (Maisie)a strike. Feels old and stuffy
    Merryn-LOVE, though I prefer the Maren spelling
    Marcheline (Marcie)
    Magdalena (Maggie)-LOVE
    Nellie- strike
    Ophelia (Elia)- strike. It sounds like a blood disorder.
    Olympia (Pia)
    Orla/Orlaith- strike. Oral.
    Olive- strike. Olive is a food, not a name
    Rosamond (Rosie)
    Saffron- strike
    Saoirse (sear-sha)- strike. Life-long Pronunciation problems for your LO.
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