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    Apr 2013

    My top 4 are Leo, Miles, Milo and Finn

    Which are your two favorite I shortened my list down a good bit

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    Mar 2013
    I prefer Milo to Miles. Leo, Milo, and Finn are a great sib-set!
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    Nov 2012
    The only one I dislike is Finn, which just is NMS. I adore the other three names.

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    May 2013
    All of them are great names !! I prefer Miles over Milo . My top 2 are Leo & Miles .

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    Jun 2013
    all are, not only extremely popular, but TRENDY too. they seem to be the 'go to' names for boys right now.


    Leo - Levi, Landon, Leander, Lorne, Lysander, Lynn
    Miles - Magnus, Mercer, Marshall
    Milo - Merritt, Merick, Mace, Mack, March
    Finn - Felix, Fallon, Fergus/Ferguson, Philip, Finch, Fisher, Flint, Florian, Forester

    also Silas, Linus, Riley, & Toby come to mind.
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