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    Question Does this alliteration work?

    The name at the top of my girls list for a while has been Celeste Oriana- i love both names, i love them together and, joy of joys, dh loves it too. But last night dh said that Oriana was really growing on him and liked Oriana Celeste better. Well, i think i'm still firmly in the Celeste camp, but i do like to have options. My only slight niggle is that our surname is 0rm$by and i'm not sure if Oriana 0rm$by sounds sweet and lyrical or silly and cartoonish. What do you guys think? I have to say that Dh swayed me a bit when he said we could call her Oreo! I mean, that's pretty darn cute :-)
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    I think it pretty works. When I was a child, I had a nickname that sound alliterative and very cartoonish with my last name and not a big deal. Don't worry.

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    I think Oriana Orm$by is lovely. I do like Celeste but I think Oriana fits better with Juniper.
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    Oriana Orm$by could be the normal name of a superhero (or super villain?). I really like it! Oriana Celeste is gorgeous, I think I might like this a teeny bit more than Celeste Oriana actually. But I'm a sucker for good alliteration...
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    I like Oriana Celeste as well and think the alliteration works. Oreo is adorable.

    This may be a stupid question, but Im a little bit confused as to why people put special characters sometimes in the middle of a name in the forums. Is it so if someone types your last name into google it wont come up because you typed Orm$by? I feel really dumb asking this, but can someone let me know? Lol.
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