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    I'm a FTM too, and I also get a little jealous of how much my daughter loves her grandma. Your daughter's excitement over granny sounds normal, but I agree it's hard when you don't feel like your child's favorite person!
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    @leadmythoughts: yes, I agree. Maybe they just get tired and bored of being always with the same person?

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    First of all, I really do not think that you are too fussy or too loud or frightening your daughter. I am positive that your daughters adores you. How old is Nelly? If she is still taking a bottle, she probably hasn't even reached the serious separation anxiety stage yet. She will show her preference for you more and more as she gets older.

    My mom has always said that babies want to snuggle with grandma because grandma is plumper and thus cushier. Don't worry about this! It is totally normal and actually really wonderful that your daughter will get to grow up with a close relationship with her grandma. I totally understand how you feel though- as her mom, you do EVERYTHING for her all day.

    I agree with the babysitting plan, though! It is good to have some grownup time with your boyfriend.

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    My daughter adores my parents too- I think its because they aren't trying to clean or cook or do laundry or anything while they are with her... she gets ALL their attention. They are always bringing out toys or food, singing to her, or generally entertaining her. If she is at their house and she falls down or something, she is scooped up right away for a cuddle and a distraction. And they can do that, because it is exciting for them & they aren't burned out from taking care of her all day every day on top of regular life.
    My daughter still prefers me, I think, but she is always SUPER excited to see my parents. Once she gets tired though or is genuinely really upset, she would always rather have mama or daddy.
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    How old is she? Kids go through phases with who they prefer. I also don't think there is anything you're doing or not doing to cause this preference.
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