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    Petrichor, and other things you wish were names

    Just how awful would it be to name a little boy Petrichor?

    I'm not REALLY considering it, since I'm firmly of the "established, preferably very very old, names" persuasion... but how I wish this fell into that category!! Do you have any words like that?

    (I first encountered Petrichor a few months ago, when I was looking to adopt a rabbit by that name. It means "the smell of earth after rain." Gorgeous. <3 The scent has always been one of my very favorite things, but I never knew there was a word for it.

    Then I saw a Doctor Who episode where "petrichor" was a minor plot point. I looked it up on Wikipedia and learned:

    "The word is constructed from Greek, petra, meaning stone + ichor, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology."

    Add that I've always loved Peter, but feared/disliked the nn and slang possibilities...)

    Hm, what else?

    I wish that Clover was a more established name (on the level with Rose).

    Generosity (nn Gen)
    Solace (Sol)

    Of course any and all of these COULD be names, and I would love them, but I am not brave enough to use them myself- so perhaps the question is, which names do you wish were more established?
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    I think all of these could fit well in the middle spot.

    As far as I'm concerned, if one word can be a name so can any other, as long as its a decent word. It doesn't make sense to me that Reverie would be considered a name and Petrichor not.

    I don't really have any word names i super love that aren't already established...i like Solace for a middle name, but that's been used historically as a virtue name, even though it doesn't appear on nameberry.

    I've also seen Briar, Haven, and Fjord as names.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    I can't think of any words I personally feel this way about.

    Petra is an established feminine name. If you're not brave enough to use Petrichor for a boy, you could always use Petra for a girl instead.

    Petrie could be a nickname for Petrichor, like that little dinosaur from Land Before Time. LOL!
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    You all are braver than me! I'm sure that if I asked for names that people wish were LESS popular/established, I'd get tons of responses.

    Also, I'm aware of the historical usage of a few of these (esp Solace; I read about that here), but I still feel that if I were to use them, people would think I'd just been inventive. Oh well- maybe by the time we finally have our first baby, I'll be of a more courageous mindset!

    I like Petrichor as a middle and really would consider it, but my style is usually to put a longer/fancier name (with nn possibilities) in front, and a simple classic/honor name in the middle.

    Nevertheless, I kind of like Silas Petrichor. Man of the forest + the scent of earth after rain. Perfect for a modern day mountain man.

    Also... I don't think Petrichor *has* ever been done before (I've looked and looked), and I'm not immune to the allure of being the very first. If you're going to be original, best go all the way, I suppose.

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    As you can tell from my signature I like unique names so I understand exactly why you posted this thread! Easter is a name that I love but get mocked for because of the religious holiday. It is an old name that isn't in fashion and of religious significance so ticks all the boxes for me but wish it was more widely accepted!
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